Lamley Daily: Tarmac Works RWB 993 Rotana

Model: RWB 993

Line: Tarmac Works Hobby64

ebaylink: Tarmac Works RWB 993 Rotana

This wild looking RWB 993 is perhaps one of my most favourite among my Tarmac Works RWB collection. The details are just insane and on par with my 1/43 scale which was released earlier. This casting with the Nojima Special flat purple body color makes this 993 Turbo one of its kind with a unique presence.

The wheelset are slammed and looks perfect with the riveted-on fender extensions together with the most insane triple tier rear wing to create the most extreme expression for this RWB in 1/64 scale.

Overall Tarmac Works has put together a very nice presentation of this RWB 993 Rotana together with the 1/43 scale and also a very limited Leen Customs Pins at 1000 pieces. Add this unique RWB Rotana to your collection today!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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