Here is the 2021 Matchbox Line Preview & New Model Sneak Peeks

Recorded via Zoom for Matchbox Gathering ticket-holders on July 18, 2020. Watch it here, with a report coming later from David Tilley.

I will also be doing an Instagram Live Interview with Designer Abe Lugo on Wednesday, July 22, at 7pm PST on the @lamleygroup IG feed. We will be going in-depth on all the new models. See you then!


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  1. Really enjoyed the 2021 Line Preview. It was almost like being “there”. Thank you very much!

  2. I just can’t believe they’ll make models like 720s Spyder, Defender, Bronco, Tesla Roadster and they’ll surely still not be sold worldwide. MB came back for a very short time (like less than month or two) back in 2018 here in Brazil after 9 years away from us while EVERYONE HERE wished for their returning as HW used to make some disappointing models. It even surprises me to see that MB is the one that will make the 720s Sypider instead of HW which already have the Coupe…

  3. So many wonderful cars that we’ll struggle to get in the UK, great to see but why do British collectors have to rely on the one supermarket that stocks Matchbox ? We say this every year but Mattel don’t seem to care beyond the USA.

    1. Yes, you got a good point. Matchbox has one major issue: distribution! Here, in Germany, we have no problem with the basic models (One Euro apiece), available at Tedi and the Euro Shop. But no Convoys, Play Sets, Moving Parts, etc. Why?!? Why Matel does not improve on their distribution and do it like in the old days (70s and 80s)? People are paying an arm and a leg on eBay, Matchbox is in high demand and yet, no distribution globally. Strange marketing approach for a popular product.

  4. UK will get somthing unique?..! Nice one … All Mbx is “unique” here. All that show and 98% won’t and isn’t coming to UK. Yet play on our key moments in history. One shop to buy…. One box per 250,000 scenario. Old stock. Nether seeing the yearly stock . As kieth say and I agree … Its all for you S and A. Same … Same…… Boring now because Mattel have a selected audience and never learn. No Advertising here…. Nothing. …. 2121… Year yeah yay… Same story..

    1. Rant over.. I enjoyed watching the preview. Respect to all.the team.for the hard work. Some very good things to come . Sorry for the “covid ” to spoil the show for all. Hope things get back to normal soon. Advertising and distribution . Tesco UK to have a nice display stand and make this brand stand out.

  5. Some really promising new castings, but that has been the case for the past ten years. So many of those promising new castings were let down by excessive plastic, chrome interiors, poor proportions or simply mediocre quality. Let’s hope these things are being ironed out.
    I am really looking forward to the Capri and the Honda Urban EV.

  6. As usual they harp on about getting the distribution right and special models for the UK – NO U R NOT, stop lying, and you clearly do not give a rats bottom about anything outside the US of A, that’s why I have spent over $2,000 on models from the US since March of which a quarter of that has been ridiculous postage costs…. if you want the sales then get better shops to sell them Tesco in the UK was the worst you could ever have picked….. they are still filling the shelves with case A

  7. Seems matchbox is only made for collectors and americans these day’s
    Quite sad when there’s people around the world who enjoy playing with toy cars or collecting them

  8. Was looking forward to attending this year, but this was almost as good. Excited about the new castings!

  9. After finishing the video the first time through, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of excitement – for the types of cars I collect anyway. So I watched again and took notes. I realize there are a good amount of upcoming cars to get excited about. Beyond the soon to released Bugatti Divo, Porsche 550 Spyder, Aston Martin DBR1, C8 Corvette and Mazda 3, there’s; Pagani Huayra, BMW M4, Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake, McLaren 720s Spyder, Toyota MR2, Lexus LS400, Audi TT, ’20 LR Defender 90, Bentley Bentayga, Toyota Hilux and FJ, Honda E and ’20 Tesla Roadster. It’s nice to see the return of the Porsche 911 Cabrio, BMW i8, Cadillac CTS-V wagon and Coupe.

  10. Hi to all the Matchbox fans. I have been collecting MBX since 1983. Years ago, here in Europe (Germany), the stores were full with Matchbox models, be it basics, Convoy, Sky Busters, Play Sets, Superfast, etc. Over the last 10-12 years, Matchbox started to disappear from the major stores. Now, you find plenty of basics for one euro apiece at Tedi and the Euro Shop, but all else is gone. And it is not just Germany. Worldwide there is a distribution issue with Matchbox. I have no answer or explanation as to why Matchbox is all but gone. Would very much like to hear your views on that and perhaps get some answer why you see Hotwheels, Siko, Majorette, Maisto etc. everywhere but no Matchbox?!?

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