Hey Collectors, Hot Wheels wants to talk to you. Yes, you.

I’ve been asked to pass along this invitation by the Hot Wheels Team to fill out this special questionnaire. The Hot Wheels Team is trying to understand collectors better, and are screening for participants for a special virtual focus group on July 15th and 16th. Those chosen for the focus group will even by compensated with a $125 Target gift card. (That’s a lot of Red Editions.)

All you need to do is follow the link below, fill out the questionnaire, and the Team will contact you if you are chosen. That’s it. Here is the link:

Hot Wheels Online Survey

That is all I know. Not a bad gig to talk Hot Wheels for a few minutes and get a Target gift card for your troubles.

9 Replies to “Hey Collectors, Hot Wheels wants to talk to you. Yes, you.”

    1. I think you may well be correct as I can only proceed to the end of the questionnaire with a U.S. phone number only.

  1. I went pronto to the survey website, answered all the questions, even agreed to download the videoconference app if needed… and when I reached the “insert your phone number” box, the survey system does not accept phones from other places but the USA.

    I don’t care about the ‘Target-gift-card-thing’, if that’s the issue for limiting the survey area.

    I’m glad Mattel is willing to know more about us collectors. My question is, when will they have an international survey? Is there a plan of doing so? I’d gladly answer their questions and help’em enlarge their market data.

  2. Flood the market to get the scalpers out of the picture. Then maybe we can find some stuff to buy. Sick of going to flea markets and seeing scalpers selling dollar cars for five dollars. Plus 5 dollar cars are now 20 dollars on ebay. Who even wants to collect anymore. The fun is gone.

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