Lamley Daily: Kyosho Porsche 907

Model: Porsche 907

Release: Kyosho Porsche Minicar Collection IV

eBay link: Kyosho Porsche 907

Why it’s in the collection: Just look at it!

A recent troll through my collection to find my favourite Porsche race cars prompted me to research what else was out there. When it came to Kyosho, I’d only ever bought what I’d seen – I’d never systematically gone through the myriad releases to see what else was available. Turns out there’s a lot!

So, what to buy? For me, price is usually the determining factor – it doesn’t always work of course, but setting limits is really the only way to keep collecting under control. I’ll happily wait years to find a model I want at the right price. Building a collection of cars I love is a marathon, not a sprint! Kyosho 1:64s aren’t always cheap, but you get plenty of bang for your buck, and if you avoid the most popular castings then there are bargains to be had. A quick dive into eBay yielded the Ferrari 575 GTC that I’ve already featured on the blog as well as this beautiful Porsche 907, both at a good price.

2020-06-21 16.02.49

Kyosho issued its fourth Porsche Minicar Collection in 2011. The 911 RSR Turbos are probably the most sought-after releases from the set, but it contained some other great stuff including roadgoing 962Cs, 993s, 550 Spiders and three versions of the 907.



The real Porsche 907 appeared in 1967 as a lower-drag, RHD development of the earlier 910. The Kyosho release came in plain silver; white with red trim (#40); and the white with green trim (#41) shown here. The #41 car finished fifth at Le Mans in 1967 in the hands of Jo Siffert and Hans Herrmann.


The model is an absolute beauty. I love that sleek Langheck (long-tail) look and from photos online, the simple deco appears to be a faithful reproduction of the real car’s paint scheme. I’m happy to have found it for my collection and filled another gap in the evolution of racing Porsches. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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