Mini Matchbox Moment – People asked about Real Working Rigs….

I know a few people have asked me (through here, other message boards or Instagram) as to whether I can include Real Working Rigs in my Matchbox posts. I did a little thinking and well, I think I can do something. I have to be honest, I haven’t been collecting them as my focus is on the standard size models in the 3″ range. These being a little larger fell outside of my collecting parameters. I have contemplated in the past about them but until now I had not included them.

Well that is going to change. Just a little. I will be getting the new issues for review. They are not going to be as involved as my regular Matchbox Monday posts, but I spoke with Wheel Collectors and they are going to send me over Real Working Rigs as well as the other Matchbox items they get in. Now as this is new for 2020, I thought I would start at the first batch. They sent over batch A for me to showcase. I know batch B is starting to show up in places and as soon as they get those, a set will be flying over to the UK for me to review too.

So let’s get on with this batch. 3 models in total.

First up is number 2 of 8. The RW005 International WorkStar 7500 Dump Truck. An older casting that first debuted in 2009 and saw 3 different releases during the initial run of RWR models. It returned in 2009 when the range was relaunched albeit in a carry forward of its last issue. As I said, I hadn’t been collecting, so I don’t own any of the previous issues.

The new one does look very nice in a metallic burnt orange with a white dump. I am also a big fan of the side design too.

It incorporates the name “Malik” in the design, with a “since 2011” moniker too. Shabbir Malik is a friend of mine who I have met with many times on my trips to USA, and have spent time with him and his family. Lovely guys. He was one of the Matchbox Ambassadors during the time we had them. Guess which year he had that tenure? I am actually very happy to have this one, specifically because of the ties to my friend on the model.

Being a working rig, obviously there are numerous points of movement. On this one, the rear dump tilts up, with a lovely mechanism that gives it some strength to hold it up, and the rear of the dump will swing open to allow contents to come out.

Another International WorkStar is 3/8 but this time is a brand new casting. The RW043 Street Cleaner is completely new from the ground up, and is not an offshoot of the Dump Truck.

Its debut version is bright green with a simple Street Services design on the side (and a fully detailed front end).

Again the rear will tip up on this one showing a motor underneath, and a small hatch at the rear will open up to allow contents it has vacuumed up to be dumped out.

It is a really nice little casting. You can see why they do create RWR models a little bigger, as trying to do all this in 3″ miniature is pretty tough. Not impossible, just harder.

Finally the RW015 Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck is in the mix as 4/8. Another returnee, this one originally arrived in 2010 and was used four times during the original RWR run. When the series returned it saw another 2 uses last year, meaning this is the 7th incarnation of this casting.

The model sports a real livery on the sides too (as well as the detailed front end).

The San Diego Fire Rescue livery is a very simple livery but instantly recognizable if you live there.

Being a ladder truck, it has quite a lot of movement in the ladder. It lifts, swivels and the bucket at the end also tilts up and down.

So as I said, it’s a mini moment. But as people have requested them, I will do a little post on Real Working Rig arrivals as and when I can, when new stuff arrives. But as they are not sold in the UK I am fully reliant on Wheel Collectors help in getting them.

4 Replies to “Mini Matchbox Moment – People asked about Real Working Rigs….”

  1. Actually have seen these warming pegs in many stores within a 100mil radius of my house. Well the dump and the street cleaner. The ladder truck is usually gone. To me the ladder truck, flatbed and the heavy wrecker seem to have been the best sellers from this line.

  2. Some European cabs?. …Mearsk ..sorry Malik shipping container … Why not UK?….A case is still looking good after 8 months of keep being put out . Tesco only still… Why just them to buy/supply?.

  3. Thanks for deciding to write up the Working Rigs. It’s a great toy line and I’m glad it’s back. It’s nice to have models of working vehicles and also something slightly larger than conventional Matchbox. No Matchboxes are guaranteed to be to scale with each other, but some end up that way. The rigs, being larger working vehicles, sometimes work in scale with Matchbox cars with their slightly larger size designation. Often though, collectors put way too much focus on scale for $1, $2 & $5 models. Enjoy them each for the great, affordable models and toys they are.

  4. These are actually the ones that make sense when it comes to anything that is in reality larger than regular cars! Matchbox need to stop making trucks that are as small as cars. They are useless in dioramas. All their products should be 1/64 (of course they can do bigger or smaller) but we need the trucks to be in real 1/64.

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