MINI GT Soars High With Pandem GT-R “Malataw” Fighters

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I remember back in late 2018 I was extremely excited on the MINI GT LBWK Zero Fighter Nissan GT-R pair. This year is no exception with the recent Pandem GT-R Republic of China Airforce (ROCAF) Malataw fighters pair.

Just like the previous LBWK release, both Nissan GT-R adored with Pandem-Widebody kit shares the same specifications except the rear spoiler / wing and also the color on both wheelset. They have similar body color and marking as the Taiwan fighters jets in low visibility mode which is rather cool. The Sun Symbol a.k.a as Malataw by the locals is the name of the sun god and this symbol can be found on the fighter jets tail fins. The rest of the superb GT-R details is needless to say with precision execution on the castings.

I totally enjoy myself taking photos on these pair of Nissan GT-R together with my Bandai DX VF-31 Macross Fighter jet. In conclusion MINI GT is a great brand to collect and definitely on the right track striking a chord with collectors. Add these pair of fighters to your GT-R collection today!

(Find MINI GT Pandem Nissan GT-R on eBay)

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