The Lancia Delta Integrale is coming to Hot Wheels Basic, and they chose to debut it in the coolest way.

So excited for this. One of the best diecast channels on YouTube, 3Dbotmaker, is starting their next Rally Championship by sneaking the new Hot Wheels Lancia Delta Integrale. This is how to sneak something.

I love this channel, and I love that Hot Wheels does too. This is the way to sneak peek a model. Send it to a source that does it right, creating original content, not just rehashing photos of stolen items. This makes me smile.

These videos are addicting, if you haven’t watched them before. I LOVE what 3Dbotmaker does, and they totally deserve to sneak this. Enjoy:

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  1. I like this! I’ll be looking for the Lancia to appear eventually.

    Meanwhile, why aren’t the networks going after this video series? They really need some fresh content, and this definitely fits the beiil.

  2. I never thought Hot Wheels would do a Lancia Delta (it’s more of a Matchbox type car imo) but damn am I surprised! As a WRC and Group B fan I’m super happy to see these old rally cars (and Euro cars in general) getting the love they deserve but didn’t get for a long time.

    I wouldn’t say that the Hot Wheels JDM wave is over but I think it’s fair to say that we are finally slowly moving away from only JDMs and into the Euros.

    I also see that on this Delta they’ve made the adjustable rear spoiler in its iconic fully raised position. Nice little detail! I hope this model comes in the famous Martini livery or just plain red, because I can’t imagine this car in any other colour.

    I saw the video and I will agree that this is the best sneak peek Hot Wheels has ever done. So fun to watch the Delta flying through the dirt!

  3. Super Delta! I agree with the comments above… this model has a the look and racing history to equal, and IMO surpass the 510 as a collector favorite. Would love to see it as the membership car for the 2021 RLC.

  4. Very excited about this one, that Delta looks great! And indeed, what a way to introduce a new model!

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