Upcoming Hot Wheels RLC: New Muscle, New Euro, New Wheels

When I walked by my untouched office today, and saw a small inkling of interest in the cars sitting there, I thought it was a good time to dip the toes back into the Lamley content pool.

So this is a good place to start. I have been meaning to post these pics, sent to me by Jimmy Liu of Hot Wheels, previewing the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC Dodge Charger and BMW. Both are built from scratch, designed by Brendon Vetuskey and Steve Vandervate of the Design Team. A couple of weeks ago Jimmy joined my on Instagram to show them:

And he also sent the pics. Since then he has posted an even clearer pic of the Charger, which better illustrates all the detail:

There is little doubt these will be must-haves. I have no idea the dates of these, but Mattel doesn’t either. When they are ready they will be made available, probably in the fall, but that is just a guess.

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7 Replies to “Upcoming Hot Wheels RLC: New Muscle, New Euro, New Wheels”

  1. Sooooo, just how good of a deal did Hot Wheels get on bulk sprectraflame black for this years RLC. And then why did they pick the three cars that deserve something more dynamic the most to be painted in it.

  2. The front of the M3 seems to be sitting too high (higher than the rear). I hope it will be fixed by the time it is released. I also hope this M3 makes it to Car Culture or Boulevard within the next 2 years and with these exact wheels.

  3. Damn that voice doesen’t match your face John, I could picture you sounding like one of the BBQ Pit Boys.

    ” Hmmmmmmmmm… It’s… GOOD!”

  4. I was so excited for the Charger, but my gawd – those wheels are just hideous. Too big and too generic.

  5. Great looking cars! That Charger is sharp! The BMW is killer in that color! Thanks for the sneak peek..

  6. “Happy to be an RLC Member?” Not after today’s debacle of a sale (Datsun 510). Unless that website gets fixed, we’ll be lucky to get any upcoming models.

    Oh, and thanks for the great articles.

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