Outdoor Unboxing: Matchbox 2020 V Case (Mix 4)

Going with a little spring ambiance with this unboxing, although I usually don’t account for dinner plans and the sprinkler schedule when scheduling a live stream. And I don’t know why I put my airpods on, as that mucked up the sound. Still, your Matchbox 2020 V Case, the fourth mix of the year:

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  1. The Mgb looks good. The kangoo van has a bush on the side?… A Euro post van would have been good. Then again what does it matter I suppose. UK won’t reach this high as in mix 4/D. 6 and half months of A cases put out many times …. One B case….. Now A case again..,… One shop Tesco to buy.

    1. I actually found Case B at Tesco this morning and already sourced C and D from the U.S. with entailing eye watering postage costs. Are you saying your store where you found Case B has gone back to A again?

      1. Congrats on your find of B case. My local had one week (Last week) by putting B case out. This week A again….!.. I know things are …….. At the moment and Toy outlet’s are closed and so on. People are narrowed into Tesco . The toys and so on are selling very quickly. B…C….D….?… As again UK have/will miss out again. Hope we get a chance for the New kung flu fighter pack !..on Mbx world… 👏 it reminds me of Thursday last when media and a fleet of alsorts parked in my area . 👏 very busy they were organising…. 👏 … Take care .

  2. The cases are on a role lately, but this one misses the Bugatti to put it up to the bar they’ve been setting. Last case I bought without hesitation… The Honda and Nissan Hardbody are both legendary castings and they had really good repaints of the 59 Dodge police, the Ford Superduty brush fire truck, the Porsche 911 rally, 63 Austin Healey, and Mercedes G 550 to name a few. This mix isn’t so full. I also have to admit that I not yet seen the MGB in person, but what I’ve seen so far is disappointing. It just doesn’t quite capture the spirit of the car the way Matchbox is usually able to–this may be mainly a proportion thing. The profile (which I’ve seen most) suffers from the lack of a post. I know this is difficult because it is so thin and silver, but without it, the profile looks hollow and lacks that British sport look. It takes on a strange muscle flavor. The front tampos lack headlights totally for some reason. This is in contrast to the Honda, which had front and back tampos like this model, but knocked them out of the park. Sometimes Matchbox has new castings that don’t seem new. The Kangoo feels like an old one because it is similar to some past things in a way that keeps it from standing out. Still a nice addition, but in a case wanting for more it doesn’t help. The self driving bus is strangely satisfying. It is the rare model that is better for being mostly plastic (didn’t know there was such a thing!) and so they did a great job on it but saved material budget, too. For me the MGB was the most anticipated model of this case and it has been a letdown. That’s not to say that Matchbox has not been delivering lately though, and I think next case will be very exciting. Also of note—the latest set of Moving Parts is crazy good with the Divco truck and Centenario. The Divco model is a bit larger than I expected and already one of my favorites all time. The Centenario is super accurate and stunning.

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