[Guest Post] My Collection Display: Luc Ballentine’s Walls of Wheels.

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My name is Luc Ballentine. I am 25-years-old and from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been collecting mainline Hot Wheels since 1994, but as of 2016 I stepped things up when I discovered the world of RLC and tons of Facebook groups!

Here are some photos of my display:

I have a few custom-made glass and acrylic cases & I used two Ikea tower cases for other loose stuff.

A local Marshall’s offers kitchen drawer organizers that work great for steps and filler for all that empty space usually problematic to these cases and 1/64 scale stuff!

I enjoy realism in my collection the most! I’m a huge fan of all sorts of different styles…everything from the quirky 1997 Patriot Computer to ’83 Silverados and ’55 Gassers. 

My current favorite casting is the 1983 Chevy Silverado, which I am on a quest to collect and modify them all into 4x4s, [using] Friday Night Lights’ and Shop Truck donor Silverados so they all match with metal bases and Real Riders! I do the same with my Gassers. (this is hella impressive! – Bryan)

(Hot Wheels 83 Silverado on ebay)

This hobby is definitely always interesting and there is never a dull moment it seems!

Despite his Silverado collection being loose and on display, Luc sent along a picture of his absolute favorite Silverado casting…

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