[Guest Post] My Collection Display: Minh Tran’s Canadian Collection.

A few weeks ago we invited you Lamley Readers to submit guests posts on your favorite model or collection. We have received some fantastic submissions, and will be rolling them out over time. The invitation remains. If you would like to be considered for a guest feature, email us at lamleygroup@gmail.com.

Here is our first guest post:

Hi, my name’s Minh. I’m a 17 years old boy who comes from Vietnam and this is my collection.

I started collecting Hot Wheels when I was a kid, about 11-12 years ago. The very first time I saw Hot Wheels was when I went shopping with my mom. At that time I was amazed by how beautiful they were and I decided to start collecting them as my new hobby. Unfortunately, my very first Hot Wheels were lost and I also forgot which was the model so I can’t add picture of it here. Since that time, my family and I have moved more than three times, from rural area to urban area. Almost of my Hot Wheels were lost, but I still continue collecting.

 This is Nhu’s collection back in our home country of Vietnam.

When I was eight years old, my family had a new member. Her name’s Nhu and she is my younger sister. Surprisingly, she had the same hobby with me. She helped me collect and organize our collection. Three months ago, I had to go abroad to Canada to study so I gave her that collection for her to keep collecting and I built my own collection here in Canada.

This Flying Tigers Gasser is very special to me. This is not only the first time I bought Hot Wheels on eBay, but also the first time I met and made a friend with an international collector. The reason why I chose to buy his Gasser and not the others, although there were some sellers who had the better price, was because this Gasser had a very special number in my perspective: 1956/12000, just a year after this car was born.

Woody’s Diecast Show was my first time joining a diecast show. This show was held on March 8, 2020 in Toronto and it was amazing. I saw lots of cars which I had never seen before. The show was held once a month, but unfortunately this month’s show [April] was cancelled due to the crisis. After taking a walk around, I had bought these two Datsun 510s which I have been finding for a while. Because I’m still a student so I just collect what I love and reasonable for me. Therefore, I don’t have all the casting on series, just one or few casting but they are they most amazing casting in that series in my perspective.

Because I’m still a student, I just collect what I love and is reasonable for me. Therefore, I don’t have all the casting [in the] series, just one or two castings. They are they most amazing casting in that series in my perspective. 

These Ferrari are two of the examples which are in the Racer series. I can’t collect all of them, but I’m glad I have these two amazing cars. They are also in my top 10 favourite models, too.

Actually, there is a model which I have all of the castings. It is the Volkswagen T1 Rockster. There are two castings in two different series for now and there will be one more in pink in the future.

Beside Hot Wheels, I’ve now started collecting other brands such as Kyosho and Mini GT. These two cars are also my two first castings which are different brands from Hot Wheels. 

Finally, this is my top 10 favourite models which I have. To be honest, I love all of the cars I have and am very grateful that I could have them in my collection. But still, these are the most amazing and special models in my perspective.

Thanks for reading and thanks Lamley Group for creating this opportunity for me and others to join and share our collections. Hope you guys are safe and healthy.

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  1. That’s the thing about collecting. Just buy what appeals to you, or you’ll be chasing rainbows and go broke. Nice collection you have there.

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