Lamley Daily : Master64 Land Rover Defender 110

Model: Master64 Land Rover Defender 110

Line: Mainline Master64

eBay Link: Master64 Land Rover Defender 110

Why I am featuring it: I’ve been waiting for years to have a descent Land Rover Defender in my collection, and this new brand really does the job!

Of course, Schuco did the Defender 110 in 3-door version, but we are talking here another level. And it is not the same tooling as Master64 proposes a 5-door version.

Too many versions exist, have a look at eBay listings, and it was hard to choose. I have chosen this dark green (reminding me a very British green) mainly because of the wheels I like. And you know me now : yes, there are brake disks and red calipers ! Those little details that make the difference.

Speaking of details, it would be useless to enumerate them, but we can note foot board, very fine whippers, mirrors, very fine rear glasses grids, mudguards or even a German license plate … This is insane.

I let the photos do the talking, and even a little of off-road session… enjoy, and don’t hesitate to add one to your collection.

5 Replies to “Lamley Daily : Master64 Land Rover Defender 110”

  1. Decent, not descent ! Nice Landie, but even though it has a German country identifier on the registration plate, that is an English number plate not German.

  2. I was tempted, but it’s way overpriced and TSM MiniGT have their much more reasonably priced and western market distributed version coming out soon. Very cheeky prices asked by a totally non-established brand (and likely unlicensed too), and despite all the “next level” claims, the pictures still leave me sceptical that it’s a price that’s in any way justified.

    1. It went up in price 2 weeks after it came out because it was so popular and its very detailed. I am definitely going to buy it, especially the Camel Trophy version. MiniGT’s version is nice but their execution is not as refined and detailed as this model and and personally i don’t care about licensing, because you pay extra money if the diecast vehicle is licensed since the diecast car manufacturer has to pay a certain amount to the real car manufacturer to make the diecast car. So there is no pride in saying a diecast car is licensed or not and the company can even lose the license (like Hotwheels had for Toyota in the past 5 years). I saw this release back in December for 20 US and now i see it flipped for 40 now, so regardless of whether its a legit company or not, people will be willing to pay that amount for the craftsmanship put into the model. Besides the model does roll and have soft rubber tires like TLV.

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