The Matchbox Bugatti Divo is coming soon. Here is a look.

Supercars rule. That is becoming more and more apparent in the collector world.

It wasn’t always the case. The rumblings were there 10 years ago, and Hot Wheels obliged with the Speed Machines. It fell flat. Only those collecting at the time know how flat. Really flat.

But the rumblings continued. The very ugly Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron enjoyed a strange resurgence after the casting was retired. Hot Wheels dabbled with Paganis and McLarens. Collectors responded a bit.

But it is the younger collectors, many overseas, that continued to push. “What about the supercars?” was a common question. The supercar stride in the $1 world has picked up, led by the Hot Wheels Bugatti Chiron, and a new question has emerged: “Will Matchbox do a supercar again?”

They are, and it is fantastic. Matchbox surprised everyone by announcing they were doing the wild Bugatti Divo in 2020, and it will be hitting the stores soon. And it is pretty damn cool. The model went through some late changes, but it is ready to go. And with the new Lamborghini Centenario accompanying it in the Moving Parts line, maybe the new supercar era at the orange brand is starting.

But instead of trying to designate a new era too early, let’s just focus on the Divo. It will be a $1 Basic model, but Matchbox added a few more details beyond what they typically do. Front, top, and rear detailing, and some pretty cool trim on the very front. This is where I just shut up and just show the photos, so that is what I will do. But yes, Matchbox is doing supercars. And this is a fantastic start.

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  1. That’s a lot of clearance up-front; I can see the shock-towers from here. But yes, this is definitely welcome. In the Basic line, I say it’s Top 3, if not an outright winner. And it helps that the current crop of supercars are themselves a lot like fantasy cars come to life, with the toy versions being the only remotely-attainable versions of these.

    Now to see who can bring us the current Koenigsegg lineup (Regera, Jesko Winged + Absolut, and Gemera)…

  2. Yeah, all seems GTG. On board for the Koenigsegg, and hey what about some Bentleys and Rolls Royse these are long, long overdue

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