All Four Hot Wheels Nationals Models Showcased

Right out of the gate, there is something I think is worth explaining. Whenever I showcase Hot Wheels Convention models, many of the comments that come in seem to be directed directly at Mattel. Comments like “Why would Mattel do ANOTHER 510 for the Convention when they just did one for RLC?” or something like that.

It might be good for some of you to know how the Convention models work. Mattel doesn’t choose the models. Collectors Events Unlimited, run by Mark & Jennifer Millhollin, does. In fact, Mattel doesn’t put on the two major Conventions in the US at all. Mark & Jennifer do. Hot Wheels Nationals in the spring and the Convention in the fall are, in a sense, totally separate from Mattel. Mattel just likes to get a tad involved.

But Collectors Events Unlimited makes the decisions. Where to hold the convention, what to do, and what models to ask Hot Wheels to make. Hot Wheels reserves the SKU’s for the two conventions, and Mark & Jennifer decide what models to do, and they pay for them.

There is one exception. The pink RLC model is provided by Mattel. They decide what casting to use, what deco to use (the color is always pink), and they sell it separately at the Convention to those RLC members attending.

Knowing that might clarify a few things for many of you. Some will ask why the Convention models aren’t sold on the RLC. Well, because they are not affiliated with the RLC. The models are made for the Convention, and sold by Collectors Events Unlimited. Only the extras of the pink model can be sold on the RLC.

Mattel as obviously adopted the two events as their US-based Conventions of choice, and send representatives over, many times as guests of the Millhollins. So yes, the Convention is Mattel-centric, but it doesn’t have to be.

All that said, though, the Convention models produced by Mattel are always some of the best-looking and most sought-after Hot Wheels releases of the year. 2020 Nationals is no exception. The event may not have happened as planned, but the models are being made available to ticket-holders, and once they are sent out there will be a lot of happy campers.

I was able to preview all four of the Convention models, sent to me by Mark and Jennifer, and I thought I would include them all here in one spot. If I can preview the RLC pink model, I will. For now we are more than covered by these four:

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  1. Not a big convention car guy myself. But those 4 have got to be one of the most desirable “sets” they’ve ever done.

    I’ll want a dinner one for the deco alone. And the Gasser has one of the best regional schemes yet. Although, don’t know how well a Gasser setup would be at cornering as necessary for a whiskey runner.

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