Something to pass the time at home, Part 1: My Top 10 Tomica Limited Vintage

Hi. I’m John from the Lamley Group. You know that, mainly because this is about the only way you and I have communicated over the years. You have read me here, or watched me on YouTube, or followed me on social. One way or the other, this is how we know each other. It is what we are used to.

Of course all that has taken a different meaning these days. This is how everyone is, or at least should be, communicating. Those you used to watch live in concert are now performing on livestreams. Those you used to hang out with or work with are now chatting with you on the phone, FaceTime, or text. But you and I? It has always been like this.

For that reason, I feel like this little relationship is now more important than ever. You have found it worth some of your time to read or watch me. That is pretty cool, and I am glad I have given you content worth that time. But if I am guessing correctly, you have a little more time than you used to right now. So I am going to use this existing relationship we have to help you pass a little more of that time. I am going to give you lots of features here, and longer videos on my YouTube Channel.

Here is the first. I filmed it live, and it was dive into one of my favorite brands, Tomica Limited Vintage. I have done some others, but we can start here, and I will put up some more later. Agree with me, disagree, or just watch. These models are pretty darn cool.

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  1. Love that F40 but can’t believe that they’ve made the mistake of putting the stop lights and indicators in the wrong place (messing them up). The indicators should be placed towards the end of the (back)side and the stop lights more towards the middle…

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