The gems of Original Boulevard: Hot Wheels Ford GT LM

The third model from Original Boulevard I want to feature. I am trying to keep it as random as possible. No ranking, just the models from my Boulevard collection. A collection you can actually see, incidentally, in this viewer request video I did the other day:

The Ford GT LM is there in that image, hidden below one of the card backs. Here is a better photo or two:

I like this dark style photos, but the one thing they hide is the black spoiler. Maybe it looks better that way. Maybe not. This is the Ford GT LM casting, so it has a few features a standard – if “standard” is a word you can even associate – Ford GT doesn’t have. Like a spoiler.

Which makes this a very cool casting. It has toiled in the basic range most of its life, and now seems to be a mystery foil pack favorite. But a couple of times it has gone premium. Once in Entertainment, as a Gran Turismo model, and once in Boulevard, in this unique yellow/black combo. The Gran Turismo model is easily the most definitive release, but to be this Boulevard might be the coolest. Imagine an actual Ford GT in that deco.

I was collecting this model as a completist up until a few weeks ago actually. And as is the case with so many elements of my collection, one look at one point made me think it was too much, and I reduced the whole collection to the two premium models and what is part of my Zamac collection. I used to be far more concerned with completist collections, but I have evolved into specific lines as opposed to models. By collecting Zamacs, Car Culture, and a few others, the collections remains small but diverse. I still am a completist of several castings, but I am perfectly happy with this Ford GT LM.

I might fill in a few more gaps on Boulevard, but the best of Boulevard is in the collection now, and this is surely one.

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  1. I feel a little deja vu here, because a while back I pointed out that you missed a premium release of some other model (think it was a Chevy Impala) that you asserted had only been done once or twice in premium ranges. With that casting, I pointed out it had been released in the unloved Cool Classics line, and here we are again. The GT LM got a Cool Classics release as well, in addition to Boulevard and Entertainment. Spectrafrost silver (basically a frosted ZAMAC) that actually looks pretty neat, though with a garish blue interior and wing. It’s by no means the best-looking one out there (that would have to go to the Gran Turismo one for me) but it IS out there. I’m starting to feel like the only one who remembers Cool Classics 😉 This Boulevard release is very cool though, and one I’m glad to have in my collection.

  2. This is one model that deserves a good, plain coloured premium release in Car Culture or Entertainment. I know this is a racing car but just a plain colour with the signature racing stripes and Ford GT lettering on the side will look perfect on this.

    1. I guess they figured that itch is easily scratched by the stock Matchbox version, which had a bunch of stock-looking decos. I agree though, the more aggressive racing look would be nicely complimented by a clean deco.

      1. My problem with the Matchbox Ford GT is that 1) it’s a little too narrow whereas the Hot Wheels GT is wide and more accurate and 2) Matchbox refuses to do metal base+metal body+rubber tyres which is a massive let down imo. One of the reasons Car Culture took off is because they have metal/metal/RealRiders with nice details. If Matchbox did the same with the Superfast series they’ll also be a hit. I know for a fact that most of the time mainline Matchbox have superior finish and quality compared to mainline Hot Wheels so I’m pretty sure with the same quality at premium level, the Superfasts would give CC/Boulevard a run for their money. Just imagine what havoc they’d create if they did a premium Bugatti Divo with metal base and rubber tyres.

  3. I am kind of a completist on some castes that are not too hard to find. This fort gt model fits that mold. The ones I cannot find are the mystery car releases. We have at least one vampire around here able to get all the desirable mystery models from every store. But I did get the speed racing versions which I think are the best looking ones. Most mainline ones are also some of my fav hws. This is another model I have hoped someday to see in the RC.

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