Your Diecast Best Companion. TINY Hino 300 Tow Truck.

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TINY Hino 300 Tow Truck (Regular and Event Model)

When the very first Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Atlas Safety Loader was released it opened up many diecast photography possibilities and was regarded as one of the best “sidekick” casting in photography. The casting also stands out with functioning working flatbed and swinging tailgate to the joy of many collectors so much that TLV will be releasing another blue color variant this month. 

Hence when the Hino 300 flatbed tow truck was released by TINY Hong Kong I was very keen to purchase one for comparison with the TLV and man the casting is equally as impressive!

The TINY Hino 300 Tow truck come in 2 variants. One regular labelled as No.163 and the other an event model presented with a display case with identical specifications but different livery. Although both come in 1/76 scale they blend in well with the 1/64 equivalent castings such as the Aoshima Grand champion Mazda RX3 in terms of proportion. 

What stands out for me are the flashy racing livery which will also go well with casting such as the Tomica Premium Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette. 

Unlike the TLV Nissan Atlas with missing side mirrors the Hino 300 comes with elastic side mirrors which are a downside for me. They compromised the realism factor and the finishing is not as great either. What I’m impressed is the functioning flatbed which gives endless composition possibilities in diecast photography. They are definitely your diecast best companions 

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my video below. 

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