The Hot Wheels 2020 L and M Case Super Treasure Hunts are…

I don’t unveil much anymore. Occasionally I get a chance to show something as yet unseen, but I have enjoyed turning Lamley into a place for features and previews.

And honestly, I have no idea if these have both been leaked. Maybe they have. The Ford Galaxie has, because I got a few folks asking if I was aware the Galaxie, a casting I really like, was moving to the mainline as a Super. Well, I am now, because Mattel sent one over for me to preview with the M Case when it comes out later this year.

What I can’t find anywhere are any leaked images of the L case Super, the ‘69 Chevy Pickup. Maybe there are some, but if not here are a few pics. I can’t tell if the casting has been updated, but it looks clean, and this is a far better Super than this casting’s first go-around as a Super several years ago.

I did a quick livestream on my second channel, Lamley Extras, as well:

I just figured you would want to see some pics of both, that are shared with Mattel’s permission. I can’t wait to open both when the time comes.

5 Replies to “The Hot Wheels 2020 L and M Case Super Treasure Hunts are…”

  1. I’ve begun having trouble finding certain regular mainlines from various cases, so the thought that I might stumble on one of these is laughable, to say the least. I don’t know what the hell is going on with distribution.

    1. It seems the big named big box stores aren’t keeping up too much.. Walmart dropped off but Target has been a little better, although they’ve been getting those weird little blue mini dump bins.
      I don’t know what’s going on either… it’s now March.. Christmas has been over at least couple, but mainline supply has DRAMATICALLY DWINDLED.. particularly Walmart, for God’s sakes!

      1. I used to be able to depend on Walmart to stay current on the mainline side of collecting (and usually for premiums too), even when everywhere else failed me. Not so anymore.

  2. To me the other 69 Chevy stepside treasurehunt looked much better than this one, but hey I’ll buy all that I find.

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