Showcase: Hot Wheels 2020 Batch G Highlights & a Super Treasure Hunt first

I went live on the Lamley YouTube Channel to open what I consider the highlights of the Hot Wheels 2020 G Case. The Porsches are cool, and I am always excited when another Greenwood hits, but the sure highlight is the pair of Nissan GT-R models.

I will give the pair the proper treatment, but the details around the replicas of the Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Editions are supercool. Nissan released three colors, and two are represented here. And it marks the first time a Super Treasure Hunt isn’t a derivative of its basic counterpart. The Super replicates the blue, the basic the white, and they are paired together. What a cool way to do it.

Anyway, the video. It was filmed live, so there is some chat, including about the recent RLC Membership sale, so you can forward through the first few minutes. Enjoy.

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