Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels RLC Model in 2019?

Last poll.

There has been a pretty big gap in between polls, and my plan was to actually have all the winners from the other categories already announced. But a little break from videos and other circumstances delayed that and here we are. The 2019 RLC year ended last week with the sale of the Tootsie Roll’r Super Nova Gasser, and 2020 begins with week with memberships going on sale.

So it was a good time to put 2019 to bed. I have been waiting for the RLC models to roll out, and that happens to be 4 months AFTER the final basic mix makes its appearance. But you do what you do, Mattel is not going to base its schedule on my awards.

So let’s review 2019. All 16 of the official Red Line Club releases are listed in the poll, showcased in the video, and shown on the photos below. I did not include Convention models, the pink RLC Convention models that are sold on RLC after the event, or any models sold on the site after a specific event, a la the Gumball 3000 Lamborghini.

So watch the video, check out the photos, and vote. Your choice will only count if you vote on the poll. Comments are welcome, but votes will be counted.

Good luck. I will announce all winners next week.

3 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels RLC Model in 2019?”

  1. All are great in there own way but the one that gets my vote is the Willis Gasser. The color is absolutely amazing,this is one that I wanted to get 2 of. Whe I saw the protype in La I knew it was going to be awesome.

  2. I voted for the Grey Porsche 964 since it was the most realistic. But The Lambo would have won if it was in regular red. I hope we see it again.

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