Showcase: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Fast Tuners

So of course I scanned the new F9 trailer for cars we might see in blisters sometime in the future.

Jeeps, Defenders, a Mustang, tons of Chargers, new and old, and of course Han returning in a brand new Supra. Don’t forget that rocket Fiero either. With what we have already seen and surely what we haven’t, it makes for some exciting possibilities, and I promise the Hot Wheels squad is already on it.

(Hot Wheels Fast Tuners on ebay)

And as I have always said, my appreciation as a collector nerd for the F&F series really comes down to the permission the license gives Hot Wheels to do some cool cars. Finding out that John Cena is Dom’s brother is all good – my guess is his dad is a Bond villain we didn’t know about who is just going about his business until revealed in F10 (hoping that Larry David gets the role) – and I might watch, but since Hot Wheels released its F&F Premium line I have become a big fan.

The F&F license gives Hot Wheels more opportunities to zig into models they hadn’t considered before. In just the last year we have seen an S14, a Defender, a G Wagon, a killer off-road Camaro, a Chevelle, Eclipse, Jetta, and now a new WRX STI and an EG Civic. F&F theme or not, those are some rad cars. So let’s talk about the latest mix, featuring that Civic and Subie.

I don’t remember where the Civic shows up in the movies, but I know the Subaru drove on ice. I do know that both are splendid. The EG Civic is getting the most play, which is to be expected, and I have already covered it in my MBX/HW Civic feature.

The Subaru is, replica-wise, equally great, and while the white and white is maybe not something you see on a WRX too often, the clean look is cool. But, more importantly, the casting is done, and who knows where it might show up, and it what cool color combo. Of course blue over gold rims is a must.

And then there are the other three. That sounds like a blowoff but it certainly isn’t. Yes, the graphics on the RX-7 and S14 are a little too fastandfurious-y for my tastes, but I’ll take them, and look forward to a plain S14 soon.

But that S15! The Silvia starting well in the HW Entertainment Forza release, the was a popular release in FnF Imports as the Mona Lisa, but the last two releases have taken the cake. I don’t think the pearl white version from Car Culture can be beat, but this new release in gunmetal gray is classy as hell.

I have always felt the GT Real Riders that are used on this one are too small, but they work beautifully here. The S15 has been one of the better Hot Wheels releases of the last few years, and it just continues to look fantastic. Next is Boulevard, going full drift.

I have heard a few comments about how this series is tired. I’d be careful saying that. Maybe F&F isn’t your thing, it isn’t mine, but I think if you are a Hot Wheels collector you should root for this series to continue. That trailer I linked above? Click on it and look at the number of views. Fast & Furious is WILDLY popular. It is a license Hot Wheels desperately wants to keep and take advantage of. F&F product will sell well if done right, and that means money is funneled in. That means more SKU’s to work with. That means more models for us, some that a few of us may not like in F&F attire, but certainly will like elsewhere. I am collecting the whole series, and it has a place on my display wall. I’m a fan.

(Hot Wheels Fast Tuners on ebay)

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  1. You know, there are a lot of vehicles in those trailers that they’ve done before, but if they really want to be unique in their approach to this new movie, they’ll do the tractor from the opening scene and that big black eight-axle armored road train at the 1:13 mark.

    You’re all with me on this, right?


  2. Great post. I agree on FnF. Hope the releases keep coming despite some overdone movie correct decos.

    The Silvia is my favorite followed by the Subaru. The EG looks a bit off to me. Maybe its the proportions. Maybe the wheels.

  3. The yellow Civic was in the funeral scene of F&F 4. The tan S14 Silvia was part of the street race scene with Dom’s primer gray ’70 Chevelle in F&F 4. And the dark gray S15 Silvia was in front of the unmarked police car in F&F 4. The “Fast and Furious Wiki” is a good source to identify cars in the movies. Mattel seems to be going after a lot of minor cars [seen only briefly] from the movies for the F&F Premium line.

  4. Wish they could make the EF Civic hatch as premium, because it is also an excellent casting and (selfishly) also my first car. This one is well done though.

  5. Youtube ” JEM EG6 Fast and Furious ” for the scene featuring my Spoon certified Civic. …but that’s not the only scene or film from the franchise it can be spotted in 😮! a sharp eye will catch in films 1,3,4 & 5. Fun film fact, it is the only single car which has made an apearance in more than 2 of the fast films. I’m sure that’s gotta be some sort’a honoring record mention somewhere…😆😆😆 My hatch is actually made reference to multiple times in the first film but it’s featured scene at Hector’s hang out ” El Gato Negro ” was ultimately cut from the final version. Hopefully one day we’ll get a special edition release with a shit ton of deleted scenes including toretto’s fatal crash. Oh snap! did i just say that!?!… ✌

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