Matchbox Mini Moment II – anyone for golf? (+ a Tesla sneak peek)

This coming Monday, with special assistance as always from the guys at Wheel Collectors I will be previewing the first half of batch B of 2020. With so many models, and me going a little in depth with them, I thought it would be best to split it in half. But to whet people’s appetites I thought let’s show off something about one of the new castings.

You may be wondering why there are 2 of the new MB1200 VW Golf Mk1 being shown here. Some who may know me may be thinking there’s a shade here. Sure enough, you may notice the one at the back is a slightly different hue, but that is not what this mini post is about.

Because you see, the Matchbox team does like to throw a few little extras for the collector. This is the latest one. Just like with the last VW Golf they did (the ’90 Country) if you were to peer inside the rear window you may or may not see some skiing equipment inside. There are goggles, a snowboard and a few other items on the back parcel shelf on roughly half the production with the other half empty.

I for one love these little extras they throw at us. Keeps us on our toes for sure. But talking of the Matchbox guys, they allowed me a little sneak peek at a future Convoy. I mentioned in the last post about the Logger Bed Trailer not having a name. This is because it isn’t just a logger bed.

They have passed on a little sneak at future plans showing some pipes on the rear of an upcoming set, hence the lack of name. It is a bit of an all-purpose trailer unit. So now I have whetted your appetites, stay tuned for Monday and a batch B (part 1) post.

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  1. For a second I thought these are now in Tesco…! My local has now put another SAME batch since October. Tbh… I think Asda repeat…… And this batch will jumped and many more. Mattel allows this for UK consumers. Its as though its done on purpose?!…..However that Golf is nice also The future Tesla truck plans. Why is it that the mock ups sometimes looks better than released ?. Again not UK.

      1. Nice one and thank you. I still have that feeling…. I suppose we’re used to disappointment…. For many reasons.

    1. Its ok, I was 99% certain this case would miss the UK so was pleased to hear its finally arrived. I haven’t found any myself yet but the hunt continues…….I 😉😉

  2. It’s nice to have a Mk.1, but I feel like Hot Wheels would have made it more interesting. Oh well, this and the HW Caddy can be used to make a better Mk.1 than either is by itself.

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