Finally, the Fall Guy Truck arrives with Greenlight Hollywood Series 26

In typical Greenlight Hollywood series fashion, some of the vehicles in this series are well known and some are obscure. At any rate, it is pretty cool that Greenlight does not just stick to the same TV/Movie cars that have already been done by other companies (e.g. Batmobiles). 

In the past, they have done vehicles from a wide variety of TV shows and movies like Breaking Bad, Smokey and the Bandit, The Walking Dead, Joe Dirt, Baywatch… just to name a few. This series stays true to the past, offering a variety of vehicles from a variety of TV shows and movies. Some of which are popular choices and some are way off the beaten path.

So here it is, Greenlight Hollywood Series 26 featuring the highly anticipated truck from The Fall Guy. We will take a look at all six models in series 26 but the star of the show is this killer GMC truck from the 80’s TV series.

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This is kind of the General Lee of trucks. Like the more famous Dukes of Hazzard car, the truck from The Fall Guy spent a lot of screen time flying through the air and is a focal point in the show. Although this truck had been done in the past by Ertl, people have been begging for a company to come out with a premium 1/64 scale version for a while. The folks at Greenlight seem to listen to their audience and produced a winner with this new tooling. They did a great job of making it an accurate representation of the truck in the show.

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Next is the Studebaker as featured on the show Home Improvement. I think this car really was only featured in one or two episodes of the show. However, the nice thing about it is that it is a clean version of the real car. It looks really good in its factory paint with a Maui Blue body and a Nocturne Blue top.

Also, this too is a brand new tooling for this year from Greenlight. It is a nice one and to my recollection no other brand has made one of these in 1/64.

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Here we have a Chevy Caprice police car from the movie Groundhog Day. This car was seen most notably when chasing Bill Murray’s character after he stole a Chevy pickup (done by Greenlight in Hollywood series 21).

This tooling debuted last year. It’s got that classic 80’s cop car shape and is a welcome addition to the fleet of police vehicles that Greenlight produces. Police vehicles are definitely one thing that Greenlight does best in 1/64 and this one fits in well.

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Then we get a Bronco from the movie Speed. This may not be as breathtaking as Keanu Reeves but is a faithful representation of the vehicle he drove in the movie.

The casting has been around for a good while and used quite a number of times in various series. But it gets some lights on the top that are new and never used on this casting previously. The casting has come both in a stock and a lifted stance over the years. This one as you can see is stock. My only gripe with the stock version is that it does come with the “steam roller” (excessively wide) tires which make the Bronco look a little odd when looking at the front or rear straight on.

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Taxi Driver was a no brainer choice to put in a Hollywood series once the Checker Cab tooling was added to the Greenlight lineup (2019). The movie is iconic. It is a film that some would say is one of the greatest films of all time. As a fan of the film myself, this is one that will definitely stay in my collection. The tooling is done well and has an opening hood.

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This last one is a really obscure choice as it was only really in one episode of Sanford and Son as far as I can tell. It makes me wonder how Greenlight even came up with the idea of producing it. There is not really much else for me to say about it (I also admittedly have never seen the show).

The tooling of this Chevy has been out a ton of times in different series and hobby releases. This one really does not do much for me but there are some that collect this casting and will welcome a nice clean version in orange.

Overall, the series has some cool new/newer toolings and some nice looking versions of a couple older toolings. Out of the six, half are going to stay in my collection: The Fall Guy truck, the Studebaker, and the Checker cab. Which of these would stay in yours? 

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8 Replies to “Finally, the Fall Guy Truck arrives with Greenlight Hollywood Series 26”

  1. A nice addition to the fall guy truck would be to add the mid engine version used in the stunt jump scenes. This was used some truck would withstand repeated jumps. The base would have to retooled give look of the truck. Up to the point where mid engine stunt built, the trucks where done after one jump. Take look at the history this truck to find more out about it. The other castings
    Look good. The Studebaker looks great.

  2. All very nice castings, but the connection of some of these with TV shows or movies is tenuous. “A green Beetle was in the background for 2 seconds in The Dark Knight Returns. Let’s make a movie version”

  3. I kind of hesitated buying the Fall Guy GMC because of my past history with every Greenlight I bought-bent axles. But I did buy one, and yes, the same problem persisted!

    That’s the only problem I’ve had with the model. Everything else is fine. It’s a much better improvement over the Ertl, except the Ertl has better axles.

  4. One other comment. I found the Ertl fall guy truck in a goodwill or vslue village bag. It is a bit on the ruff side . But overall it is in not too bad of shape. The greenlight looks better but factoring in the price i payed for ertll i am not complaining about it. That Studebaker looks good and i will keep an eye out for it.

  5. Fall Guy truck is nice. I’m sure it’ll hit home for those who really want it… considering squarebody GM trucks are all the rage right now!
    The S & S Chevy??.. I’m not sure if the iconic Ford p/u from the show has been produced (not in the mood for searching right now),and though the orange Chevy is obscure, it’s not exactly what you quite recall if you watched the show..
    but it is a nice piece nonetheless!

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