Sneak Peek: Here is the upcoming Hot Wheels Scania Rally Truck, due in Trackin’ Trucks this summer.

This dropped tonight on the Lamley YouTube Channel, and you should watch the video. But I wanted to post pics as well, mainly for the 738,000 IG accounts that show mainly rehashed Thunted pics.

I kid, I kid. At least this is an authorized sneak, as the folks over at Mattel sent this beauty over to preview for you. And it is quite the model. A “basic” level Scania Rally Truck, showing up in the Trackin’ Trucks line this spring/summer:

It is very cool to see lines previously ignored by collectors – me included – get a little licensed love. Trackin’ Trucks are exactly what they sound like: trucks meant for the track. If you’ve visited a Walmart you have seen them, next to the basics, usually without a name on them:

Now we will see some licensed models mixed in, starting with this Scania. That is a proper alternative to a REALLY small Scania in the basic range, and who knows, maybe this can lead to a premium some day. One way or the other it is most welcome.

Trackin’ Trucks are essentially haulers, so this one, in order to comply with the line, has a hauling component too. You can use it if you want, but what I think most will do is keep it locked in place, so the wheels look like the spare tires seen on most Dakar Racers. It looks awesome.

This is rad. The cool thing is that this was created for collectors. The Design Team knew a Dakar Racer, licensed and large would be a most welcomed, and I think they are right. The Team is giddy about it, and I hope you are too. I am.

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  1. This is very welcome indeed. The Dakar rally has just finished, with Americans winning both the bike and SSV (i.e. dune buggy) categories for the first time ever (although not the truck category!). The Dakar, sadly, is still (after 40-odd years) under-appreciated by the wider motoring and motor sport world, so a model like this fills a real niche. Looking forward to grabbing this model–I hope it makes it to the UK.

  2. That is rad indeed. I wonder how bigger it is than the Matchbox Desert Thunder? And also can the rear hauler piece be completely removed (to have an empty bed)?

  3. Nice!! I like this a lot. I’ve always been a fan of Matchbox’s Desert Thunder, but it’s obviously always been too small (no fault of Matchbox’s, they have their limitations) so this is really neat to see. Wish the wheels were a bit bigger, but other than that I’m a fan.

  4. If you didn’t tell me I would have thought it’s generic . Very nice except for the wheels but that can be fixed .

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