Hot Wheels completes the pair with the Boulevard Nismo R33 Skyline

There are some models I just want to take photos of, and writing about them is basically the excuse to post them.

The Hot Wheels R33 Skyline in Nismo livery is one of them.

Hot Wheels of course did the Nismo R34 for Team Transport, and if there is a proper pairing for this livery that is it. But giving the livery another run on what – ssssshhhhhhh – might be the best Skyline casting Hot Wheels has done is a real treat.

Here is the thing about Skylines. Hot Wheels collecting rules indicate strictly that you are bound to like them all. I only hype JDM because I am supposed to. I was created in a secret Mattel lab to do so. The computer in my head emits endorphins any time the term “beautiful Skyline” is uttered, which makes for very confusing reactions on romantic nights on a hillside overlooking Salt Lake City’s skyline. Still, I am assuming that is the case because there has never been a Skyline I didn’t like.

Hot Wheels has replicated a good number, but there are several models and deeper dives that they can still do (400R?), but Skylines are very well represented. The Hako Wagon has my heart, but there is something about the rounded 90’s lines and lowered stance of Ryu Asada’s R33 that are particularly appealing. One of the joy’s of Ryu’s work is his attention to the technical aspects of the designs, and how gosh-darned accurate he can be in designing a $1 Hot Wheels car. The R33, which debuted in the basic range, is a perfect example.

Of course it was bound to go premium, and in my untrained FnF eyes it flubbed a bit out of the gate sporting that Fast & Furious livery. Happy it was premium, sad it looked like it did. But Hot Wheels more than made up for it with Boulevard. Proper silver, clean deco, and wonderful wheels. I’ll take more plain stock versions, but this is the R33 at its peak.

I’m in full fan boy mode. This is one of the highlights of 2020 so far.

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  1. I’m mildly annoyed by the fact that these are Wal-Mart exclusive and I can’t find on I have a life and it’s hard to compete with collectors and scalpers to find stuff like this. With car culture and FnF I can skip the headache by ordering cases from A&J etc, then splitting with a buddy… but with these? I predict I’ll never see them on the shelf and eventually pay $50 for a set on eBay. Maybe I’m wrong and Mattel floods the shelves but history leaves me doubtful.

    I have yet to see these? Are y’all finding them in big numbers?

    1. Most Walmart’s haven’t done their reset after Christmas so you won’t find this set yet. Some were lucky to find them out during Christmas time. Most will have to wait…..hopefully not too much longer….for Walmart to get off their a$$es and restock their shelves.

      And I only hate that Mattel uses Walmart because I just can’t stand the store. There is only one Walmart in my area that is clean and well maintained. The others are complete dumps. And unfortunately I need to check them all because they are all inconsistent other than the real nice one. Which of course is the furthest away from me.

  2. Can’t wait to find this skyline over here in Germany. It’s getting even better with the pegs here.
    Otherwise I will need to order this r33

    Kind word and awesome photos again.

  3. Agreed. Wal mart exclusives are annoying. Not much logic to how they restock and now without brickseek many wasted trips. Many wal marts in Chicagoland havent gotten anything new in a long time. Target is better for pretty much any matchbox or hot wheels…except wal mart exclusives. I get my premium hot wheels from hobby dealers except…wal mart exclusives.

  4. Hey don’t forget that Matchbox did this exact same livery on the Nissan 350Z some 9-10 years ago. You should put all 3 together.

  5. My only complaint is that Hot Wheels has not made any other edition of the R34. The NISMO body is the only one, and while it is cool, I would really like to see another. Such as a stock V-Spec II or something. With the amount of Camaro and Mustang variants I think it would be a neat addition. Especially with the JDM hype still going strong.

  6. Miracles do happen! I was certain that this was a model I would never see in the metal, but just have to wistfully long for online. That my “perfect pair” would be a solo act, missing its mate. Well, I found it! Not on the pegs mind you, but neatly tucked away in it’s box on a pallet. I kindly asked the associate if I could take a look and he was happy to open it up for me. This never happens to me. My timing must have been just right, as I worked several hours late that night and wasn’t even planning to make a stop on my way home. Now these two Skylines can come together as it was meant to be.

  7. I didn’t even know this series was coming out and found them on the side of a WalMart endcap today. I can’t wait to take pictures of the same cars when I get home tonight. The Silverado squarebody was a pretty cool part of the set as well.

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