Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt in 2019?

The last poll of the 2019 Lamley Awards, until we finally do an RLC Award. Still, Regular Treasure Hunts. You either don’t think much about them or hate them. But there is occasionally a collector friendly TH.

I actually really like the way Hot Wheels does the Regulars. Not EVERYTHING has to be collector oriented, and by doing RTH with castings not particularly appealing to collectors, it allows the every day kids to discover the occasional treat. So I hope doing it this way continues. Regulars keep the hobby healthy.

So let’s give them a little attention with a Lamley Awards Poll for best. My friend Owen, who lives here in Salt Lake City, provided these models for me to go over, so watch the video, pick a fave, and vote in the poll below:

7 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt in 2019?”

  1. I think it’s very obvious that the ’67 Camaro is going to win. And I’m not voting for it because it’s a ’67 Camaro but because it’s the nicest looking of the year imo. Decent graphics, no coloured tyres and a realistic model. Others I liked are the Humvee, Honda Z50 and even the Batmobile but yeah, if I had to pick one it’s the Camaro.

  2. The Camero is the one people be picking but i voted on the flat bed hauler. I like that era of truck design and this version pulls off cool look to it.

  3. I think HW really stepped up their game with the regular Treasure Hunts in 19. More licensed castings and mostly good unlicensed castings.

  4. When I found 22 of the Batman car TH’s in a bunch of dump bins at a Walmart before Christmas, I hung every single one of them up in plain sight for anyone to find. It was a fun little exercise. Never found a single one of the Corvette, and only 1 of the Camaro. Would not even give any of the others a second glance. In fact I left several of the Head Starter TH in a grocery store today.

  5. I voted Honda Monkey. Best model and in a totally realistic deco as well. I would not be at all surprised if the Camaro is the most popular, but it’s just not for me. I’m not really an old Camaro guy and the deco doesn’t do this one any favorsb in my opinion. But then I’m not one to really pick up any of the Art Cars sub-collection either.

    My #2 is the Batmobile, which I actually found as well. I must say I’ve found more regular Treasure Hunt models this year than any time in recent memory. The Chevelle, Twin Mill, Monkey, Head Starter, Bronco and Batmobile. I passed on most.

  6. My personal favorite was the Cyber Speeder, just because I really like that casting. However, I was most excited to find the Twin Mill, and I think that was the best one of this year~

    Would like to add the Camaro and the Monkey to my collection, and the RTH is the first version of Bazoomka I actually want.

    Totally agree with you on RTH and the kid-factor, which is why I never take more than 2 RTH’s when I find them. I like to leave extras behind in the lower sections that are closer to kid-level. A few times I’ve talked with parents and their kid collectors, explained THs to the parents, and let their kid have the TH I found; it’s a great way to promote the hobby!

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