What was the DEFINITIVE Hot Wheels Model of the Decade? I don’t think there is an argument.

The end of the decade snuck up on me. I am a bit of a sucker for year-end lists – that is why I created the Lamley Awards a few years ago – but I totally forgot to look back on the decade.

I figured I should do something last week, so while I was down unable to do videos because of a bad cough, I used the time to think it through. I thought about my choice for BEST or FAVORITE Hot Wheels Model fo the Decade, but that is so arbitrary I didn’t think it would be too interesting.

But DEFINITIVE is. A lot happened for Hot Wheels in the last 10 years. Trends emerged, and there are models that surely signified those trends. So I went through that, and coming up with a list of the definitive Hot Wheels of the Decade actually was pretty easy.

I created a video with my still-raspy voice showing those that defined the decade, ultimately coming up with a Top 3. I honestly think the most defining model of the decade is an easy choice.

Here is the video. Do you agree?

What would you call the most definitive, if you don’t agree with my choice? Remember, I am not asking for your favorite, but the model that defined collecting the last decade.


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  1. I consider the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X and GT-R from 2011 as definitive castings. To me, these two cars really generated the JDM hype for the 2010s and jumped the value/hype for the 510 sedan and wagon. That’s why I’m shocked that you left these two out.

    Although the 510 was released first, it was a jump starter to the JDM craze at Hot Wheels for the coming decade. Shortly after the two Skylines were released, the 510 went from a pegwarmer to a highly sought after casting. Finding a first edition nowadays is like paying a small fortune. That’s why I’m fortunate to have two of the three first editions (the blue one and the black one) that I’ll always hold onto.

    1. I don’t disagree at all. I do think I should have mentioned the Skylines for the reasons you list here, as they really did set the stage and show the HW Team they could jump a little deeper into JDM. But I will stick with the Boulevard Wagon as epicenter of the whole scene.

  2. Probably the 510 Wagon for exactly the reason Connor mentions. Although I personally never did see the fascination with the 510 nor many of it’s under powered peers, I was glad to see it help usher in things such as the RX7, ZX’s, multiple Skylines, and other sport JDMs. For that, I have to thank it. The 55 Gasser would be up there too, seeing it help bring about more gassers to the line, but if we are actually being honest the 510 is responsible for many more.

  3. Definitive of the decade, if we discard secondary market value and just look at hw and what they are all about, would be the original batmobile. It has been produced in probably more configs than any other cast, so its secondary market value is low. However, since it has been produced that much shows what an iconic vehicle and definitive hotwheel it really is. I hate seeing that silverado because I specifically passed on it because it was so prevalent in the mainline. None of the JDM stuff is definitive, unless we say that definitive equals secondary market value. I got a bunch of the vintage bre datsuns for wheel donors. Now I sell them for big bucks to people who think a toy japanese sedan is valuable, or iconic. Lots of hw’s that I like and stand out in my collection, but the only definitive hot wheel is the batmobile.

  4. Being an RLC guy I feel you got this one wrong.My choices.

    1) RLC Pink Candy Striper
    2) RLC BRE Datsun 510 Sedan
    3) RLC BRE Datsun 240Z (did not see this one listed,might have missed it)
    4) Vintage Racing Datsun 510 Sedan ( I know you listed 3,but you had a 1A & 1B to me with the (2) 510’s.

    NOTE: 1&2 could have been switched. After Hotwheels came out with the RLC Datsun 510 Sedan other Manufacturers went all out for the 510’s and still during it.

  5. I’d say it’s a tie between the 510 sedan and 510 wagon. One went from peg warmer to must have for many and the other laid hype and consequently started the whole JDM wave in HW.

    As for the comment above regarding the two Skylines, they’re great but weren’t a game changer imo. I remember getting the first edition Hakosuka in 2011 and it was nice but I didn’t really think much of it. But then the 510 wagon arrived and it all blew up.

    The Candy Striper is also up there, for creating the hype around RLC and Gassers. Not my cup of tea but a very significant model indeed.

    I’d also add the Boulevard 993 GT2 to this list. Yes it’s not as significant as the above 3 but if it wasn’t for the 993 we wouldn’t have got all the great Porsches that followed (and still continue to do so), and it’s also partly responsible for sparking interest in 80s/90s European cars. I grew up in the late 90s/ early 00s and I love Porsches so naturally this one is right up my alley. It was also a bit ahead of its time in that it was plain with no graphics and full front and read details. A trend we started seeing in Car Culture and other lines many years later.

  6. Totally agree with y’all that both 510’s (together and separately) really show the evolution of HW as a brand and the collective interests we the fanbase have grown in the ’10s! Seriously, going from obscure models to RLC… my Snowflake Bluebird will always be one of my favorite scores~

    I also agree with Cody that the Hakosuka GT-R was EXTREMELY influential. However, I think it’s well worth noting that the JDM-hype that model caused did not just influence Hot Wheel’s line-up, BUT ALSO Greenlight, M2, Round2, et al! There were STILL 510 pegwarmers in my area when the Hako dropped, but not after…!

    One I had hoped might be on this list Fiat 500D Modificado, which imo could easily be one of the top-5 castings of the decade, after the RWB Porsche of course~ It would be amazing to have a Car Culture multipack with 3-5 different RWB creations…

    If what you say about Euro in the ’20s comes to pass, I’d definitely LOVE to see HW make my ’71 Opel Manta A in 1/64th! Thanks for a great recap~

  7. I am fed up with the same old Nissans and datsuns, time and again, the Merc 190 is the best car this year, followed by the Range Rover Velar and the Jag XE, no i have not watched the video, these are my top three, and it is about time the Merc 190 is released in the mainline.

    1. Well the question was about the definitive Hot Wheels of the DECADE, not the year, so it’s abundantly clear you didn’t watch the video. The fact that you’re sick of hearing about a particular casting is probably one argument for why that casting could be considered “definitive”, whether you like it or not. Maybe pay attention to what the post is about next time.

    2. And how about giving us Brits some Premium releases too. It’s very depressing so much good stuff on here and Instagram never reaches here despite there being a ready and willing market for them.

  8. The Ford Escort RS1600….👍😀. Actually quite hard to find here in the UK and very loved. The JDM movement I like. Also the Nissan’s….. Many good Casting’s. Loud and proud Hws graphics. Some I wish they were released as plain stock. The Audi Rally car was also great. I just wish some were matchbox such as this Audi. What Matchbox car won this year?!….Now looking for Volvo Estate touring car ….. Hard to find too. V.good.

      1. Thanks for heads up. Found tonight at Entertainer as you said. Found 2 of the Volvo’s. One had a manufacturing error of all black/brown and burning marks at the front plastic grill area. Still nice one and thanks.

  9. I don’t collect it myself, but I would say the ’55 Gasser is the top casting of the decade. While the 510/wagon and other JDM cars are highly desirable now, they took time to gain popularity. Mostly due to the cars originally being pegwarmers. Ferraris had their own following but didn’t become hot until Mattel lost the Ferrari license. The gasser was a hit right out of the door.

    1. The Gasser is only popular mostly in America. In the rest of the world, JDMs are more popular than Gassers. Come see the scene in my country, where I still can find Gassers being left behind. But the JDMs? Most of them are gone shortly after a new case arrives. Remember the JNC surf patrol 510 wagon from a few years ago? My nearest supermarket got maybe 3 or 4 of those cases (meaning about 7-8 510s in total) and I never ever saw that model ever again. Whereas the flames series Gasser from the same year I was seeing at least as late as last year. Want a more recent example? The Momo 510 sedan and Holley Gasser from this year. I’ve seen only 1 of those Datsuns in store so far. But the Holley Gasser? Loads of them lying in many shops even after 6 months of release.

  10. JDM KMN

    As a collector since year dot and still have my original 16 the focus on JDM is destroying it for me.

    Suck it uo Mattel and bend over if you have to,
    Just get the Ferrari licence back.

    I am not dreaming of a Camry

  11. Well, based on hype & popularity.. the Vintage Racing & the RLC Datsun 510 models along with the Candy Striper ‘55 Chevy Gasser!
    Those two garnered the most attention for the decade!
    BUT.. as I look back, and I’m sure we’ve all felt it in some way, shape or form.. FERRARI is what we lost & it’s Ferrari we want back. Lamborghini is such, as well as Porsche, or any other make big or small, but damn..
    Ferrari is partially why I’ve become a collector!

    (Drops the mic..)

  12. Since I’m not a JDM fan I will have to go with the Candy Striper ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser. I understand the craze for the JDM cars, but I personally think they are overdoing it. I guess they have to go where the money is. Cash in while you can is the name of the game.

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