UPS lost my GameStop case.

Two days before the GameStop event, I thought all was in order. GameStop told me the 36-count case I bought online a few days prior was on its way. Then UPS, via their app, told me the same thing. Thursday would be the day, two days before the event.

The app mentioned it was in Utah, ready to be dropped that day. Until all of a sudden the arrival date was a week later. Huh?

UPS lost it. The case was redistributed from SLC to South Dakota, and apparently that is so far away it was going to take a week to get it back. They could not explain how it happened, nor were they willing to get it to my faster after such a boneheaded mistake.

SEMA called, so I would have to wait to open it. I finally arrived home and did just that. Enjoy.

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  1. I was thinking about ordering a case but I’m glad I didn’t because most of the cases I saw on Youtube videos were total garbage. Loads of fantasy cars and very little licensed cars except for the exclusive colors and first-to-markets. Plus, I don’t want to spend $50 for a case with only 36 cars and no protection. For the same price, I’d rather buy 50 mainlines in store. Also, it’s not worth going to my Gamestop and meeting up with all the asshole scalpers that are reason why I can’t find anything good.

  2. Mine was also lost and Took Extra 4 Days , there is no protection for the boxes so most of the blisters and cards were Damaged

  3. 19 out of 36 generic tat – and the cars that we want will never come to the UK, the Jag for one, is made here, we sell more here than anywhere else in the world and the vast majority of the P8 versions are all sold here, yet we dont get the model in Blue, STUPID………..

    1. I have an extra Jag that is yours if you want it. There are many brands and cars availabe in Europe we can’t get here.

  4. I didn’t order a case, but went down to my local GameStop instead. It was not very busy, but 2 scalpers is all it takes to clear out most of the good stuff from 10 cases. Miraculously, I was able to snag an exclusive Jag plus a few others that will be hitting Walmart and Target in the coming weeks.

    I have to say, it’s all about the people you meet that make these events “special”. It certainly seems to be more about the thrill of hoarding and flipping hot items for profit than any type of actual passion for the cars. I often wonder if these people even curate a collection of their own or is it all just “inventory” to them?

  5. The closest store that was listed in my area was over an hour away. Friday night we were shopping for the kiddo and went in one locally. They had all of the exclusives on the pegs. But no black Porsche. I passed buying them.

    Today on a whim I went into a different one. They also had all the exclusive and the black 911, So I decided to grab the 911, Miata and the Jag. So if you have a local store check them out. You may come away lucky.

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