Hot Wheels Car Culture Street Tuners is hitting in Canada. Lucky bastards.

I do like it when our friends in other countries get stuff first, but count me a little jealous. Attention has been thrust north as our Canadian friends are the first to see Street Tuners, the next mix from Hot Wheels Car Culture.

Lamley Reader Mark MacCallum had this find today at his local Walmart, and yes, they are awesome:

I cannot wait to see these in hand. For now I will just drool over Mark’s photos and figure out how long it would take to drive up there.

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  1. Well, once they hit the U.S., I’m hoping Target still keeps up with regularly restocking Car Culture. They’re the only place to check (at least for me anyway.) Walmart is a total joke. I can never rely on them for anything. Target is usually pretty good with restocking on a regular basis for both basics and premium releases. Crossing my fingers I don’t have to order this set online if it’s literally impossible to find!

  2. Is… Is that supposed to be neon underglow at the bottom of the cars in the artwork?

    I’m gonna go cry in the bathtub now.

    Ok, I guess I’ll let it slide once. The actual models do look incredible.

    1. Ha ha! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Next they’ll be doing a Euro Saloons series where the cars are projecting neon Audi and Mercedes emblems onto the tarmac.

  3. Great looking cars and appears to be 2 full sets per case. I went ahead and ordered a case as I see these won’t hang around long.

  4. Those new car culture street turners coming out are all awesome .👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  5. This is an amazing set. Just how I like to see JDMs. No racing livery or ugly design business, just plain colours. I wish there was some other/better cars in place of the Silvia and RX-7 as I feel those two have been overused recently but on the plus side these may be the best versions of each. And I know this is the best (and cleanest) version of the S2000 (at least imo) as it’s basically an upgraded version of the original silver (which remains my favourite of all). Only thing missing is the gold wheels, but there should be some difference so I’ll take it. 180SX and BR-Z look nice too but I’m not as excited for those as the other three. Hope to see the showcase soon!

    1. I agree, how incredibly refreshing to see an entire wave of Car Culture in clean, unadorned decos. Though I will not deny my love for a proper racing deco, such as on the recent Silhouettes and Open Track. I don’t feel the Silvia and RX-7 have been overused, but I understand this is a personal opinion. In fact, these may just be my favorite 2 of this set. I never found the Forza set to get the debut of the Silvia. I did finally come across 1 of the Silvias in the debut Fast & Furious premium line, but this was a rare sight and I have to admit I’m not at all crazy about the gaudy orange and blue paint on that one. This nice clean white release is just what I’ve been looking for.

      The same thing applies to the RX-7. The debut blue in the basic line was easy enough to find, but I tend to believe very few got their hands on the Kmart exclusive red model. I did find (briefly) and picked up the red RX-7 in the Fast & Furious line, but like the Silvia, it was loud and obnoxious with its graphics. I truly only picked it up thinking I could do a repaint. So, yeah, this beautifully clean premium RX-7 is a gem that I can’t wait to add to my collection. Oh, I’m just remembering the yellow and lime green basic releases with “Initial D” deco. OK for what they are, but clean is better.

      I’ve always been a fan of the S2000 and will usually pick up anything they put out. It looks great here in silver.

      While I do really like the real-life BRZ, and do think this looks nice in clean metallic blue, I prefer it a bit less super-modified. The ground effects and picnic table wing are a bit overboard for me. Yes, I realize the S2000 is just as overly modified, but the 180SX and Silvia have the more subtle tuning I prefer. Or just stock like the RX-7.

  6. i don’t like wheels on s2000. sad will have to customize it. nice set , will probably cost a fortune soon. will be absolute banger in Chine and will probably cost a lot… prices will probably be out of this world

  7. yea lucky bastards hah bec Los Angeles are supposed to be first due to hot wheels headquarter in LA then inland empire country could be next haha

  8. While I can appreciate the clean decos, this is probably the first Car Culture mix that I just can’t get excited about. The main reason is that there is some huge and unnecessary overlap with the Fast & Furious premium lineup. This is essentially a Fast & Furious mix by another name (and yes I realize not all of these particular cars showed up in the films). If this had come out before the F&F-specific line it’d be different, but I feel like this is redundant at this moment. That said, the cars do look nice, but there are other themes they could have gone with that wouldn’t re-tread directions Hot Wheels is already going in other product lines.

    1. You’re spot on with your assessment of these overlapping with F&F as a theme. However, I’m going to give them a free pass, as these are totally the types of cars I’m looking for. 80’s – 90’s JDM without the ridiculous over-the-top modifications that ruin many of the otherwise desirable cars from F&F.

  9. Took time to go from work at lunch and found the set at the local Wal-Mart. Only picked out the white Nissan Siliviia seeing I have the other cars from different series already. I like the white Silvia over the other models brought out so far.

  10. Great cars but not my cup of tea, so will be giving all of these a miss. Good luck to all those on the hunt!

  11. The Subaru design is basicly the same basic design as the Scion car that hotwheels has brought out a while ago. The Subaru looks great but for the small difference in the details I can pass on this one. I have tons of other cars i already have other like the Buick Riviera are more on my radar now.

  12. I was thinking that a review of the new Subaru cast and how it compares to its Scion counterpart. It would be interesting see how they compare in the small details.

  13. I have a very basic question, can you please advise as to when these new car culture sets are released. Do they happen quarterly every year, or some other sequence?

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