The Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention is this weekend. Prepare for a 2020 Matchbox onslaught.

I have spent the last week juggling two family reunions. You can come up with your own conclusion on how that is going, but you may have noticed the lack of videos the last few days. I’m a bit tired.

But I have a reprieve coming. I get to nerd out at the Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention. I do the splendid drive Friday – Salt Lake City to Moab to Cortez to Shiprock to Farmington to Albuquerque – and will be there in time for the Meet & Greet.


If you are not familiar, the Matchbox Gathering of Friends is a Matchbox Convention held every year in Albuquerque, New Mexico in July. Collectors from all over the world descend on ABQ for exclusive models, presentations, in-room trading, a charity auction, a Sunday Toy Show, and a ton more.

Matchbox itself has adopted the Gathering as its own Convention as well, and uses the Saturday Dinner as its place to showcase the upcoming 2020 New Models and Lineups. You can see images and prototypes of what is coming. Not to mention, Matchbox creates two exclusives for the Convention every year, and they do not disappoint.

They have also selected the 15 winners of the Matchbox Custom Contest, and will announce them Saturday Night.

This will be my 11th year in a row attending. I really do love this event, and enjoy seeing all the familiar faces. I was going to the Gathering long before this Lamley thing got going.


But because I have this Lamley thing, I will of course be covering it for all of you. A live stream of the Matchbox Sneak Peek Presentation will happen Saturday Night on the Lamley YouTube Channel, and I will of course be filming full sneak peek videos with Abe Lugo and the Matchbox Team. I plan on a lot more content as well, so be sure you are following on the Lamley Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as both the Lamley and Lamley Extras YouTube Channels.

I can’t tell you how nice it will be to drive through the Four Corners area of the US, listening to my favorite podcasts, and to arrive at the Albuquerque Marriott and see all my old friends. Hopefully I can share a lot of that with you.

13 Replies to “The Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention is this weekend. Prepare for a 2020 Matchbox onslaught.”

    1. It was? Distribution was at an all-time low for basics and premium releases. It’s such a struggle to find anything because stores don’t think they’re profitable enough to carry and as a result, there’s very little to no space for them. I only get to find new cars every two or three months compared to once a month for Hot Wheels. I can forget about premium releases like 50th Anniversary Superfast or Basic Plus. Also the quality of the cars was at an all-time low. Replacing chrome with grey plastic and adding safety beams in every SUV or station wagon which makes them look incredibly cheap. Not to mention the blue tint windows that ruin every classic car imaginable combined with the grey plastic base! I sure hope 2020 makes up for all this s***!

      1. I’ve been stopping in Target lately & they haven’t stocked singles for a couple of months now. Have to hand it to Walmart though.. at least they try to stock something new. Matter of fact, saw the new green Mercedes station wagon… CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP looking!
        That car looked so cheap with the grey plastic looking base.. it looked so cheap, kinda like those cheap China made junk you find in bubblegum machines.
        Mattel has to keep with chrome and stop using cheap grey plastic. We’ve seen it on Hot Wheels vehicles. What a shame to make profit & make their product look like China junk!

  1. 66 shades to brown…and 6.600 mile long arms to reach.. Not one 2019 product has hit UK. Most parts of the world to that matter….Always bouncy bouncy with this brand..from cost cutting to hiding this brand from existence… Why?….This was a people brand for all young and old…If there was any pride to this product and name….. Anyways enjoy….. And may 2020 bring a more regional flavours to the world market…. And Fair price reach for ALL..Let the brand fly its flag…🎈🎈…!!!!maybe wishful thinking …..🎆🎆pop!.…

  2. Boa sorte no Gathering!
    Completamente fora do assunto… mas poderia me indicar lojas para colecionadores em Orlando, FLA?

  3. Lack of distribution is bizarre to this casual collector. I just moved to a major metropolitan area and have combed the aisles of the usual outlets. I was thrilled to find two ‘59 Dodge police cars on a top peg, knowing that I’d likely not see another except at a vendor’s table for $5. I can only imagine what U.K. collectors must deal with. Still, I
    look forward to new releases while simultaneously looking for those I had in the 70s – with their superior quality.

  4. Here in Australia ( and New Zealand for that matter ) with our poultry population/s there seems to no trouble tracking down any Mattel brands , although I import my own from the US , we even get some releases before the rest of the world . Anyway , One day I make it to the gathering !

  5. Well I must be spoiled and easily amused. I have found all the new releases from basic,opening features,superfast,real working rigs and jurrasic world.
    The only problem I have found this year is I wish I had found more sapphire gems,3 out of 4.
    The new models and some of the recolors were great. The land Rover is a great updated classic, love the off road trailer, and in the last batch the little city sidewalk sweeper. And many more.
    I lived overseas when I was little and my mom would bring home from the PX matchbox cars of every kind. These were the first little cars I had. Over the years there have been good and bad, but I never stopped loving these little cars. I have all kinds of brands now but Matchbox holds a special place for me and what is going on now is great. Keep it coming.
    Favorite matchbox a 1977 wildlife Ford pickup which I still have.

  6. Please do update us what time the new models preview will be happening, so I can plan my schedule accordingly as I want to watch it live.

      1. I just answered my own question: 6:00-7:30 in Albuquerque. The schedule is posted on the MBXGathering Instagram page.

      2. And of course there’s an updated Lamley post saying it’s scheduled to broadcast 7:00 PM ABQ time, subject to the variability of dinner.

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