Here is what Tomica Limited Vintage teased at the 2019 Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan

One day I will attend. Those that have attended the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan have all mentioned how bonkers it is. Then again, “bonkers” might describe anything toy or hobby related in Japan.

I’d go to take it all in, cars or whatever. But obviously there would be a few booths I would make sure to visit. Thankfully there are plenty of folks that were there, and they had cameras. Joe Kanno, was one of them.

Joe took photos for his IG account, as well as @thenedzmigroup account:

And he was nice enough to share some of the photos with me, to obviously share with you. Let’s start with the brand that most interests me and I know many of you, Tomica Limited Vintage.

Pictures do the talking, so I am just going to share them. You will many completed models, already announced and coming soon. The Evos and Ferraris, and a supercool Isuzu double-decker hauler among them. But you will also see early resins or prototypes of models not announced until now. Like a Subaru Wagon, RX-7, or R32 Skyline 4-door. Just have a look, and if you are anything like me, get excited.

Major thanks to Joe for sharing. Follow his IG if you aren’t already. More to come.

(Isn’t collecting TLV the best?)

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  1. Just a note…the Datsun 620 pickups shown in the photos are 1/43rd scale.

    We’re stuck with the HW Datsun 620 only, for now, in 1/64th.


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