Lamley Unboxing: 2019 Hot Wheels K Case

J Cases have just started hitting at Walmart. I only say this because it serves as a nice prep case for K, which just hit hobby dealers.

Yes, using the word “loaded” to describe a basic 72-count Hot Wheels case might be stretching a little, but I will at least say there are a lot of desirable models in the K Case. A&J Toys sent over this one, and I liked what I saw.


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  1. Awesome K Case unboxing video congrats. 👍Lots of great new hotwheels coming out in this Case. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection .👍

  2. ZOOM IN? Again? THREE recolors this year? The white and green ones are pegwarmers, so why release a third recolor? I’m sure some get sold because someone grabbed whatever was first on a shelf, and I’m sure some collectors buy them for the wheels; but I’m sure few buy them to use with the camera; which is expensive.

    At least the Demon, Caddy, Ranger Raptor, MX-5, Jeep, and Mustang. Bubble Matic might be something I can mess with. ’56 Ford will be great to detampo. That blank white body is a great canvas for decals and customization. But it’s plastic and has red windows.

    1. Something that doesn’t exactly help the Zoom-In leave the pegs is that the Go-Pro that’s supposed to work with the Zoom-In isn’t in production anymore, thereby defeating its own gimmick. The only way you can get the Go-Pro that’s supposed to work with the Zoom-In is either getting it second hand or getting a bundle of the camera and the Zoom-In, which, to my knowledge, also isn’t in production anymore.

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