Lamley Poll: What was the best exclusive from Hot Wheels Nationals?

Mainly because I am curious. Hot Wheels Nationals in the spring and the Convention in the fall always produce some of the most sought-after Hot Wheels of the year. The 2019 Nationals was no exception.

So, what was the best one? Vote below and let me know. Photos below the poll:

11 Replies to “Lamley Poll: What was the best exclusive from Hot Wheels Nationals?”

  1. I voted for the Volkswagen drag bus. The Volkswagen drag bus is my #1 favorite hotwheels casting. 👍

  2. Both the Drag Bus and A100 are showstoppers, but that DMC-12 is about as perfect as perfect can get at this scale. Hands down my favorite, possibly even of all-time as far as convention pieces go.

  3. Really difficult here. I picked the Dodge A100 simply because the deco is so clever with the locations of the route 66 song on the side and the patina look.

  4. Yeah the Corvette is just gorgeous. A100 is a close second. The Delorean is just boring. We already had the same thing in boulevard

  5. Voted for the DeLorean because this is the cleanest and nicest looking DeLorean made so far and it has opening gullwing doors. I really doubt this version can be topped. If I was asked to take only one of these home irrespective of the price/ future value I’d take the DMC.

  6. I had to come down to the DeLorean! It’s ‘true-to-life’, highly detailed with the brushed finish & gullwing doors. Stunning! I put the ‘Vette a very tight 2nd! Awesome pink hue and the neat white strip harkens back to the Original 16 collection!

    Only think I like about the VW Drag Bus is the livery/color combo.. other than that, this casting doesn’t do it for me. It’s so overrated & some flock to it, but I’m not seeing it here man. Ithink it gets hyped up tto much & besides.. it’s bulky, heavy & goofy. Nope!
    The Camaro is just stupid looking. Almost looks like it should be 4 wheelin’ or something. It looks just like a toy should look.. it’s like a caricature or a parody of itself!
    The Dodge A100.. pretty cool. Original, tasteful & clean. Have to see it in person, but it looks like the green should be more ‘Antifreeze’ in tone, than the current color!

  7. I’ve seen all but the DeLorean in person. Not sure what the fuss is all about on the van, it’s pretty basic aside from the “dirt” tampos, even those don’t really work with an absolutely clean paint otherwise.

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