Team Transport! RLC R34! Chiron! Your first look at the Sneak Peeks Hot Wheels brought to Nationals

As you read this – provided it is Saturday Night and the Finale just happened – folks have just seen Mattel’s Sneak Peek Presentation and have now made their way up the front of the ballroom to see the goodies brought to preview.

Mattel brought a variety of items, in various forms of completion, form totally done and packaged to early prototypes. We will be able to get into the details on these models when I post the preview videos I shot with the Design Team, but for now you get see all the awesomeness. Here we go:



RLC (Red Line Club):

What excites you the most? For me? CSP311. CSP311!!!!!!!!!

So much more to come.

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  1. Most excited about the RLC Countach. Really hope they make enough of that one. I can’t miss out on it. The Skyline and RWB Porsche are fire too.

    I said earlier that they are doing the Mercedes 190E too much but at least it’s always a cool livery. This Falkin livery is killer.

    Pumped for the Chiron obviously. And the new Audi is nice too. The Vulcan was a nice surprise. Would have been nice to see a real preview of that. They have done a great job of introducing some new Exotics to the mainlines this year. Just wish they would show the Exotics more premium love.

    Thanks for showcasing this convention for us!

  2. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels coming out are all awesome. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. What excites me the most? The Jeepney. A Jeepney is still on my [absurdly long] list of customs I’d like to make…but I don’t have a problem buying one that is already made, especially for $1.

    Also excited for the Miata, and actually for the electric Twin Mill. The Twin Mill is a fun one, and it’s been especially neat to get a new take on the vehicle every now and again (that’d be Twin Mills II and III).

    I absolutely love the look of the Hummer, the Land Rover panel truck, the G-class, the Trans Am Firebird, and especially the C-Series car hauler. Here’s hoping that they have fitting decos.

    1. The Jeepney jumped out of me, too. Biggest shock reveal of this convention that not a lot will talk about unless the news breaks in the Philippines. We’ve had Philippine Jeepney diecast cars before but I think they’re at least 1:55 or 1:43; this is the first in 1:64. I just hope we get steelies.

      Kind of a shame that we might not yet see the Vulcan and A110 until at most the next convention, or maybe a few weeks later at HW Dream Team’ IG. I’m happy about that development. The age of the Modern Euro Exotics has begun.

      1. I would love to see if Hot Wheels made an Aston Martin Vulcan or an Aston Martin GT12 Vantage, but only if it doesn’t have those large wheels at the back like some other supercars.

  4. That Ford C-series Hauler! That’s a total blindside – they didn’t mention that in the presentation! Very excited for that one – licensed trucks in the Team Transport line are a big deal for me. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some of Kenworth’s, Dodge’s, GM’s and Nissan’s large trucks eventually!

    I kind of wish that they’d given an update on the potential for Steering Rigs though. They were mentioned during the Q&A at the last convention IIRC. Could you ask the design team about that if you get some time with them later?

  5. WOW the Silvia is amazing. And the Nissan pickup is a close second. The licensed team transport is really nice to see as well. The Willys is probably one of the best RLC releases of all time. What a gorgeous casting and deco

  6. All of these are on FIRE!!! The mainlines are epic!! But the premium stuff is even more lit! That E-type Lightweight though! And I see new wheels on the Gulf Raptor! Aaaaaahhhhhh I’m so freaking excited!!!

  7. Wow some really great stuff here. Being a fan of the first Bugatti have to have it. The other stuff marked for the RLC is imo a disservice to the foot collector the ones who travel miles to find their favorites all while wasting gas to find nothing! It’s a shame a real shame that neither Hot Wheels nor Mattel recognizes this! The RLC club should be exactly what it was in the begining of HWs. A fan club where you can get information where and when you can find the models you really want! Not a place where you can buy exclusive most of the time overpriced models at quantity that only some get and the ones that do usually know the system and end up with more than the limit so they can recoup their buying price on a secondary market. You would think Mattel and HWs would try and stop this rather than be apart of it.

    Let me end by saying as good as these RLC models are. There are way better customs being made that are in most cases one of a kinds. @jlbcustoms on IG dose amazing work and his paint technic is second to none. He is pricey but your getting something that is a one off. It may look similar to others he dose but there is always something that separates his work from one to the next. I’m sorry but if I’m paying real money for a 164 it’s going to be something NO ONE ELSE HAS! I’m not trying to plug anyone here there are many customizers on IG and I could name many the best came to mind. Some may have other favorites.

    My point is if Mattel and HWs really wanted collectors to have a fair shake at getting these put these limited editiions in retailers that would and could control the limits on who get what! As far as I’m concerned as it is right now it’s a let’s say flawed system.

  8. I’m excited for a lot of the basics since I can’t get my hands on any of the RLC releases or even some of the Premium brands. I like the Mercedes A-Class Hatchback, the Bugatti Chiron (no-brainer), the Audi RS5, the Mazda Miata, the ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon Gasser, and even the Range Rover Velar. I wasn’t expecting that last one! Yet again, the Velar is one of those “should’ve been a Matchbox” cars, especially since Matchbox released the new Range Rover Supercharged in their Superfast series. Of course, most of the Premium series are a no brainer. I like the Street Racing series or whatever it’s called the best.

    As for the RLC, even though I will never ever get my hands on any of these cars, they are absolutely gorgeous! Every single one is fantastic and so colorful! The R34, the Gulf Raptor, the Willys, the Countach and so on are all the best of the best from Hot Wheels! And to add opening features to some of them makes them worth it even more! I will admire these in picture format since many of these will be out of reach and probably worth a small fortune online! The constant wait from last night was well worth it!

  9. Not only did Mattel had the newer Range Rover 50th Anniversary, but I’m also glad that they also made a new Range Rover Sport as well.

  10. For sure Land Rover van (is this not a retool of the Corgi casting from the 1990s), Mercedes G-Wagen pickup, and the Humvee. Sure hope they don’t ruin these three with stupid graphics and ugly wheels. The new Series III is exactly how these should be done.

    On another note, these three castings should’ve been a Matchbox, especially given how all three aren’t jacked up monsters. Weird MBX these days is doing a ton of hot rods and classics, while HW is doing stuff like mostly stock Land Rovers you’d expect from MB (i.e. the Series III that recently came out)

  11. I said it in the other post, the plastic center roof concept is starting to wear on me. It just never seems to look right. I have yet to see a model where it looks better then a solid roof would.

    For some reason the XKE looks off. Maybe too long.

    I love the Porsche and the Lamborghini but I won’t chase them since I missed out on a RLC membership this year after having one for many years. I guess I am just not a big enough fan to chase it like I should have.

    I like the 300 SL but not the Spectraflame. Please do it in silver or red.

  12. First of all: Thank you for the amazing pics. I feel pretty excited about almost everything, but there are 3 pretty tasty cars I find the most appealing to me: 1) The Mercedes Gullwing (opening doors aren’t a common feature on Hot Wheels), The Chevy C10 with lowrider suspension (being a lowrider fan myself this item it’s a must have) and the yellow pick up truck by the red VW Beetle (I’m not sure about the brand, but I find it very nice, slammed and with that bright yellow finish). Thanks again, and be sure we all fellow collectors are very happy about the news.

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