Hot Wheels Nationals has begun. Here is what to expect on Lamley.

The Hot Wheels Nationals Convention kicked off today in Lombard, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Nerds from all over have been grabbing their exclusives and started going room to room.

This nerd will join them Thursday, just in time for the Dinner that night. I will be there through the Finale, and I plan on working. A lot.

To start, you need to subscribe to the Lamley YouTube Channel and Lamley Extras Channel. I will be doing all kinds of features from there, from model showcases (I’ll open the Convention models, Dinner Model, and Finale Exclusive, and who knows who might join me), and a ton of Livestreams (Room-to-room trading, Q&A with Mattel Team members, maybe a preview or two). Most importantly I will stream the Mattel Sneak Peek Presentation from the Finale on Saturday night LIVE. You get the learn about the new product along with everyone else.

In the middle of all that I will post updates here, on Instagram, and Facebook. And when I am not doing that I plan on putting together some previews that I will show later. And maybe sleep. And eat. And probably drink.

Needless to say I want to keep it interactive, and I want you to experience some of the fun. Hot Wheels Conventions are cumbersome, and hard for many to attend, so let me show what I can.

And if there is something you want to see, let me know and I will do what I can.

For now, a look at the models:

7 Replies to “Hot Wheels Nationals has begun. Here is what to expect on Lamley.”

  1. So we’re looking at late 2019/early 2020 reveals for both Mainline and Premium. The waiting game begins…

    (might explain why I saw oodles of lo-res shots of a bunch of carded 2019 models on IG…)

  2. Those nationals convention models are all awesome. 👍I wish I could get these but I’m not at the nationals convention. So I won’t be able to get these.

  3. Wasn’t aware the Drag Bus casting was still being used. Thought it was too heavy to even be viable any more. But I guess being a special release, that goes out the window.

  4. It goes without saying that I’m excited to see what the 2020 mainlines and new models are going to be but I’m equally excited for Car Culture and Entertainment (with the recent releases of both being stellar).

    I’m really hoping at least next year we will see an Exotics set in Car Culture with plain fully detailed supercars (like the Dr Strange Huracan), with a Porsche or two, a Koenigsegg, a McLaren, a Bugatti maybe and, unless it’s a Diablo, no Lambo please. We have seen too many of them recently.

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