Finding another Super in a rural honey hole.

This grocery store has been fruitful.

I don’t find Supers like I used to, mainly because I don’t travel as much as I used to. It just means I don’t have nearly the number of opportunities to find treasure. But it just makes the times I do that much more fun.

And I found another. There is a rural grocery store I visit every couple of months that has been fruitful before. It was again today.

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  1. Found 3 of those $TH ‘Vette roadsters in the bullseye store… still haven’t been able to get the pea green Skyline though.. but to be honest, much rather find the TH Super Chrome ‘Vette!!!

  2. Has anyone ever snatched the super right before your eyes, while you were filming it hanging on the pegs? Just wondering, bec if I were you, I’d grab that first, grabber keeper, and filming it after I hit cash register.

  3. They really nailed that Super. The casting is decent by itself, but that gold paint and those dish rims with fat tires really make it pop. The Goodyear printing on the tires is a nice added detail as well.

    I’ve been unlucky with that one though. I’ve only found the VW T2.

  4. Congrats on your Super find! That is a good store for finding the occasional gem. I rarely find the latest waves at this retailer and rarely see them get every wave, but they have come through on some hard to find models from older waves when they finally stock them months later.

    It’s interesting that the basic Corvette Grand Sport is piling up like crazy in my area. Still no Supers for me, though I’m always keeping my eyes open.

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