This hardware store keeps unveiling old Hot Wheels. Time to dig for treasure.

Note I didn’t capitalize “treasure”. Such a good phrase, but too much Treasure Hunt connotation.

I wasn’t looking for Treasure Hunts, I was looking for whatever interesting gem I could find. This hardware store in a rural town I pass through every couple of weeks has a large stash of older Hot Wheels that is replenishes every few weeks, and it is always a joy to see what I can find.

So I did it again yesterday, and streamed live on the Lamley Extras Channel. (By the way, subscribe if you can. I am doing more and more streaming on that Channel. Full features on the Lamley YouTube Channel, whatever I feel like on Extras. It’s fun.)


5 Replies to “This hardware store keeps unveiling old Hot Wheels. Time to dig for treasure.”

  1. Neat finds! Our hardware stores never really carried diecast. Our Ace Hardware only carried the 1/18 promo pieces and some model kits; and our Farm Bureau (only located in a couple different counties in Southwest Virginia) carried Ertl (in fact, to the point that one half of an aisle was devoted to it)for a few years, and that’s it.

  2. Wow, pretty cool coming across an entire endcap of older model Hot Wheels! We’d all be like kids in a candy shop! Too bad there weren’t a few more great finds among that massive selection.

    I don’t know if others have a similar issue, but on my computer the video played so out of focus I couldn’t tell what most of the models were. May just be the hazards of trying to film while on the hunt.

  3. Wars have been won and lost by those who leave their chosen picks aside carelessly while running through the pegs hunting. Something I’ve learnt along the way collecting hotwheels LoL!!

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