Hot Wheels 2019 F Case Highlights

How do you determine whether a Hot Wheels case is a good case or not? By the Super? The best New Model? The number of good models?

The F Case: Great Super, some good recolors, some intriguing models. You tell me if this is a good case based on these highlights:

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  1. Direct to DVD and Digital… featuring Scooby Doo and Batman. The trailer does not show the mashup Batmobile, but it looks like a fun movie.

  2. My criteria for a good case are 1. the overall number of good models, 2. the number of good models that I will actually buy, (for example, I’ll add just about any new Porsche to my collection, while I may appreciate a nice looking Cuda, but do not collect them), 3. the number of good models that are new to this case, including repaints, excluding carry-forwards, 4. the number of exciting new castings (the all new “Road Rumbler” does not qualify as exciting, whereas a brand new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera certainly does). It’s a complex formula to calculate all the above criteria that I will not go into here. 😉

    The Super in the case is irrelevant, since I never buy by the case. So my chances of finding a Super are one in a million.

    Overall, this is a moderately good case. A fair amount of nice models, a few with new deco or repaints of existing decos, but many carry-forwards from E case. No new model debuts, at least not licensed, and nothing earth shaking.

    1. Update: I have seen just an unbelievable quantity of F case piled up, but only a few of the cars I am actually looking for. This case must be being scalped like none other! I’ve seen only a scant few Gumball Escorts, Focus RS, Vipers, Teslas, Mustang GTs and SP2 VWs. I’ve seen a surprisingly large number of Porsche 917s and 911 Polizei, as well as Lamborghini police and F&F Mercedes-AMG GT. A real head scratcher these. I’ve yet to see any of the Cruella de Vils, Scooby Doo Batmobiles, R32 Skylines, Mazda REPU, VW Kool Kombi, Squareback and GTI. The 300ZX, Land Rover and BTTF DeLorean I was lucky enough to stumble upon in E case, because they have not reappeared with F case. I know F case has hit hard by what is left over, but man it is incredible how many casting are completely gone without a trace.

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