Matchbox teased the upcoming Subaru SVX and Polaris Slingshot. Daaaaaaaang.

Matchbox teased two of their more left field choices for 2019 today on Instagram:

There is a lot of cool new models coming this year, both in the basic and opening-parts lines, and two of the biggest surprises were the Subaru SVX and Polaris Slingshot. The Polaris just because there are not a ton of 3-wheel vehicles in the line, and the SVX because, well, it’s the SVX, one of the more obscure Subarus. But both fantastic choices and, so far, great execution. I can’t wait to see the finished products.

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  1. I’ll be honest I can’t get excited about this. Wish it had gone to HW. They we could get a Brat or a bug eye WRX. I love the Slingshot and the Tesla.

    1. Nah, I completely disagree. HW has been stealing (yes stealing) a lot of the new cars from Matchbox recently so by all means Matchbox should do this. And while I’d love to see a bugeye WRX (and please ffs no police car) I think the SVX suits Matchbox better as it’s relatively unknown and it is a sports car, unlike the WRX which is just a sedan, so it’s most welcome.

      1. I look at it at which is going to gather volume sales. If MB continues to go after niche models then they will have niche sales. SVX is a niche model much more than any WRX. Where is this model going to go as far as decorations for the next 10 years? Not nearly as much as a WRX. I don;t care if HW has done one recently or ever. It is one that can be done.

        I also say the same thing for Porsches, Lamborghinis, Camaros, Ferraris Mustangs and on and on. Make the popular ones. Make them well (no cheap plastic roofs, truck beds) and they will drive sales. Each of these have a following that will buy nearly every model released. This will fund the occasional niche model and the lower volumes and slower sales these generate.

      1. Also more then welcome to follow me @phillywheels I follow almost every collector and customizer from around the world. Most post on my feed and you can follow the ones you like!

  2. I agree with the fact HWs has been stealing models. When Mattel took over MBX they said there would be no crossovers but they consistently take what they want or what is selling in the MBX line. How about the HWs designers do their jobs and design some cool stuff instead of the junk they have been putting out? HWs hasn’t been all bad but there are SO many peg warmers on the HWs side anymore I hate going through them. Thing is you don’t see the popular designs from HWs making their way to MBX and they shouldn’t! I find myself repeating myself consistently when discussing the two brands. So here we go again, there are so many cool realistic and licensed cars that could be done that haven’t been done. Also how about easing up on the repeat castings? If it’s not a bunch of toiletseats or toaster or basically crap packing the pegs it’s garbage. Now I know these are directed towards kids. Again I will rebut that by saying, there are more adults buying these then kids and I havebeen in stores with kids buying and guess what? They or most I’ve encountered rather have realistic models! Hence all the peg warmers. HWs has a tendency of over producing models also. Most notable is the Econoline, we seen it so many times before the 50th models that that model sat and sat. Until finally they hit clearence now their blowing off the pegs but mostly for their wheels. So hopefully Mattel is learning from this but me I highly doubt it!

  3. Looking forward to the SVX. Always been a fan. But in my opinion, not the most obscure Subaru out there. That spot for me is always going to be for the Subaru XT.

  4. That Subaru wouldn’t suffer the mbx plastic fantastic effect if that was made under HWs… All singing and dancing tampo effect. Mbx drags along…. As written above kids aren’t that dumb for unrealistic toys… Real , real , and consistency to stay at that theme… Mbx is that brand and stay at it.. Then make something which possibly could be great and cheaply cost cut it in so many ways. Mattel chucks out ££££££££££££££££££££££££ for HWs. …….Mbx..££.dust..moth…. Plus cut distribution costs. Cut advertising…

    1. I don’t know if this is true but I’ve heard ASDA will no longer be stocking Matchbox in the UK. Apparently Tesco will be taking over, whether it’s an exclusive deal I don’t know, but just MIGHT mean better news for collectors here.

      1. Thank you Craig, my local has cleared up. I’ve seen this before when mbx was available at other outlets. Just sale the items that’s it. Asda only should never been aloud.. Tesco only……..?!?! Repeated sign’s again….?! Exclusive thing is crap! I hope also I would walk in other outlets and see the brand as it used to be…. Also an equal… Price would be also…. Looks like case fa for us as ever… Till…………… But half as ever are not even for UK……. Once again Craig . thank you.

    2. No worries. It is only a rumour of course so we shall have to wait and see what pans out. Ive emailed Tesco Customer Services so HOPEFULLY might get a more definitive answer. Ive no idea whether they will have exclusive rights or not but I seem to remember last time they stocked Matchbox up until 2016 they were pretty good at updating stock AND offering more premium lines. Time will tell…..

      1. Lol…. Just see your message on another mbx site. Its still between ASDA and TESCO !??!!! Who is the stockist???…….. The UK mbX file’s continues!! Sin sins love store or B&Q???… bet .. How low Mattel can you scrape this brand?….👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 !!! Any tips Mattel?!?!….

    3. You might have seen it already but ASDA have now confirmed they will no longer be stocking Matchbox in the UK. With no official confirmation from Tesco either it looks like the spiritual home of Matchbox will no longer be able to buy their products!! For the time being at least 🙁

      1. You know I feel bad for certain collectors who have put 110% into this brand. Its a kick in the teeth that information hasn’t gone their way… I know time will tell…. However, certain individual Mr Tilley hats off to you. The information you feed and educated a lot of collectors in UK and worldwide…. Cheers Craig once again. Well ….. I didn’t like that mini cooper chequered anyway !!! ….. Say no more………. If or when anything happen i will give a shout out…… Same?!….Well I could write till my fingers hurt but…. Mattel any response on your part?!…… For UK Exhibition Models……?!!!

      2. Sorry just to add , Hti cars are 2 for 69p Craig…..!!! In home bargains….. They have a green one!!! ……. Mbx is homeless in its overpopulated country….. Good biz planning.. 👏👏😁 ……… Oh they have a pull back ice truck at £1.99. It jingles!!!!! Thank you Mattel…. killed \ strangled a lovely historical brand in friendly fire..👏👏

      3. Craig….. home bargains have Hti cars at 2 for 69p….. They have a green one!!!….😝😀 how low……….. An over populated country like ours and mbx is homeless…….?!?!.👏👏

      4. Have heard from a reliable source that no UK customers are planning to take any Matchbox lines for 2019. Sad times indeed.

    4. Hahahahahaa ;-p My absolute hatred for HTI generics must now be well known!!!! Lol
      You gotta laugh as otherwise I think I will shed a few tears!!
      I do honestly think other retailers will take on Matchbox here in the UK this year but goodness knows when that will be and how many cases we will miss. Mattel distribution is definitely getting worse here even with Hot Wheels. We are still on Case C when E is now out and F has been showcased on Youtube. ZERO 2019 MBX cases so far ANYWHERE in the UK, no premium HW or MBX either!!
      Looks like I’m going to have to learn to love HTI generics as that’s all that’s going to be left to buy soon……;-)

      1. Shti……?!?! ..even kids aren’t falling for that tat. Its everywhere. I see an orange one today! …😀 However Mattel knows mbx has potential. Look at the line up in the “Golden age”… Of just Mattel of cause. To be fair some great cast’s of which the world could associate with. It was because it started out selling Hws they dumbed the brand down again. Its a stupid yo yo pattern. Hws are pegwarmers here in most parts…way out designs that even kids aren’t taking too. What is it 365 line up? ….. Trim some of that crap back and give mbx its full attention it deserved… Retailers with display stands , make the brand stand out… I’m no fucking biz man but Mattel should by a history book and L@@k at how this brand was loved in the UK… The smiths would be spinning!!! Odell well… Yeh.. Would have said Noooooo!!!!. Total BS … Good intentions turned sour somewhat… Mattel are now started to pay homage to the past for this brand. Fair dooos …. Mbx had world audiences….. Nice one!… However what about us?! 65 and 50 could have been an advertising thing with a fanfare. No……… FA.. For UK.. Some of the line up and opening parts (new invention)!!! And many more which UK are never going to see… Some of these are looking good….. If…… If.. We do receive anything that lamley promote. Don’t make it a 1 box per 250.000 scenario… The UK way .. Mattel gives us this brand.. If any..!!!

        A joke….👏👏😁

      2. Oh …. Just a request for Mattel. Can you bring back mbx crash dummies?? Can you send us UK only land rover edition…??

  5. I’m just gonna ignore the Polaris since I’ve never been a fan of it and focus on the SVX. The mold looks fine, but I hope they darken the windshield piece a ton by the time it releases. It looks strange with it being completely clear.

    On the whole “HW steals Matchbox models” thing, I’ve never viewed them as separate beyond premium lines. They’re both owned by Mattel, the cars are both built the same way, they both cost the same and they’re usually right next to each other in the diecast isle. I don’t care which brand focuses on what type of car or if Hot Wheels is supposedly “stealing models from Matchbox” because they’re both the same anyway.

  6. This a great idea! Hope they execute the SVX with that iconic dark green hue. These cars were very unique back in the 80’s.. especially with that funky side window set-up. It’s cool to see they are producing a variety of different models from days past!

      1. Wow, so close. Could have swarn these were out since the late 80’s. Things start to blend together when you get older!

  7. I wonder when will Matchbox develop the 70s Caprice Classic and does anyone know when Matchbox will release a model of a Triumph bike? I discovered on the 2019 Matchbox wiki site a photo of a Triumph bike (wonder if the photo is still available?) Why a Triumph bike is because it’s British and the Matchbox vehicles I collect are an international assortment.

  8. Both interesting casting choices. I used to see a couple SVXs around here. My only problem is the plastic roof on the SVX. For sure, it won’t be tampoed, at least in mainline releases. Regardless of who makes it, I can’t stand roof/window combos.

      1. The only decent model with a plastic roof that I’ve seen is the NSX Hot Wheels did a few years ago. It suits the NSX well, but it still would’ve been preferable if the roof was metal and they painted it black.

  9. Though it’s a bit off topic I seem to recall that back in the early or mid 2010s didn’t Matchbox make plans to develop the 2013 Dodge Dart but for whatever reason it didn’t (could it be because of licensing issues?) so therefore if Matchbox developed this automobile, in essence, I would have personally appreciated it.

    Also what I’ve recently been thinking is another automobile that I wish Matchbox thought of developing and if it wasn’t a licensing issue would be the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII or the Rolls Royce Ghost? Why you may ask? It’s simply because these type of Rolls Royces are my favorite or one of my favorite current British automobiles due to their design and finally which I think pertains to the topic is I wish Matchbox would resolve distribution issues for the sooner the better.

  10. I cannot get a Subaru SVX soon enough.

    I owned a real one for a while, I need to add it to my collection.

    PLEASE, PLEASE be pearl white with a black roof

    Don’t care much about the Polaris Slingshot, but wish Matchbox or Hot Wheels would put out a Can Am Spyder, or better yet, the new Ryker. Since Ryker looks like a real life Tri-&-Stop-Me, anyway, even the wheels look like 5SP or OH5 wheels anyway.

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