Matchbox Mix 4 (L Case) is appearing in Australia

Sometimes East to West, sometimes West to East, or North to South. Let’s go South to North.

Mattel threw a couple of new products Down Under this month, and our friends in Australia are showing. We will start with the latest from Matchbox:

More on this Batch to come, but consider this a sneak. Well unless you are in Australia. Consider an invitation to get out there and find it.

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  1. Imho Australian market was, is and always will be important for MBX, period. Good for them, we exist too “M” don’t You forget about the rest of us please 🙂

  2. So many goodies in there ! I only wonder if the interior of that Landy will be visible ? Apart from that id choose turquoise color for that one but must see this in flesh to judge. US Fire truck is a must have for me too, All in all best case so far, but please leave something interesting for each of the cases.

  3. hey i want a matchbox 2019 dodge charger and matchbox 2019 ford Mustang convertible but my walmart in kingston ontario doesn’t have them yet

  4. England…..the home roots??!!!!??… This case will be probably our starter case at our one and only ASDA food shop…. As 2018 , we started at D case… We don’t even see 1/3rd of what mbx has to offer…everyone else celebrated our 65th and more…. Good case tho , and I’m glad the down unders get the wonders…

    1. …. I hope the world coverage is fair to all mbx good folk. That land rover old skool is a must have. I hope to see them soon……

  5. Loving the red civic just hard to get any matchbox in the UK this year matchbox have done an amazing job even of modelmatic its hard to get them

  6. Came across some of these at Walmart this morning. The Seagrave, the Blazer, the Nissan van, the Unimog, and a few of the others. Did not see the Mustang or Charger. They also had the Matchbox Ford Truck series.

  7. I know, I’m about as fun as a wet blanket, but this case is about as bad as the last. The only redeeming vehicles in the last batch were the Porsche 911 Rally and the Flatbed King. Don’t know if I’ll pick up anything out of this wave. The Mustang convertible and Unimog are nice enough, but I’ve got to put some limitations on my collection. I’m not a big Charger fan, but army green? They couldn’t have picked any other color? I thought the Land Rover was a Hummer at first. Maybe I’ll have to give that one a closer look.

    The lame duck Civic in red might get a second chance from me. The gray one peg warmed like crazy around here, but I’m going to try my hand at some customization today to see if I can make it look a bit better. I mean, I can’t make it look any worse can I?

  8. Its nice and all that some parts of the world are receiving or received what mbx has to chuck at them. Or seeing that NY are running a fleet of mini cooper chequer cabs….(!).. My local ASDA has stopped selling mbx. .. After a sale of which they should have been priced at.. And sold quickly! Now price plans…. No more mbx UK?.. For years UK lose out. Distribution has always been an issue. No settled information. While everyone else and the elite get names and big shout outs printed on tampo. Only certain get all . how sad for a brand with lovely historic roots. Has gone this way. Its not a people company now.. Its like now using the 65 and 50… There was no good intentions for the home roots to receive.. Or be a part of the celebration… HWs have occupied everything and that’s Mattel’s priority here… How sad of no fair competition…

    1. After many many years of collecting and sticking with this brand through all sorts… Sometimes paying over the odds to complete. I, probably like many mbx good folk in the UK feel the same. Dis- heartened and frustrated that the mbx brand has fallen like this. And should have been never aloud to fall below as it has in the UK. And some other parts of the world. Because what ever seems to be produced , it seems its with two fingers stuck up at us… Hope this is a distribution spat. Or something else has been organised to stock the brand…or….??? We started on D last year!!! ………. Poor show all round.

  9. I know I’m deviating from my usual rant by I was able to find all of these at my local wall Mart. Shocked and pleased.

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