Setting up my Hot Wheels “Big Hitters” wall display

Half the fun of having a diecast wall display is completely redoing it.

That happened this weekend. I have several Carney 108-count wall displays, and all kinds of brands displayed. As far as Hot Wheels goes, I have every Car Culture model displayed, every Vintage Racing, along with a slew of Real Rider premium models.

I decided to dedicate one display to the premium Big Hitters. Those models loved by the collector community AND me, in all their premium glory. Car Culture isn’t there, as they have their own space, but there is some good stuff here.

There are a couple of open spots, and I will let you figure out what will fill each. As with everything, it will probably change soon.

By the way, look for a Big Hitter tournament coming soon.

13 Replies to “Setting up my Hot Wheels “Big Hitters” wall display”

  1. Nice wall display. I, too, have the same Carney displays except with the mirrored backs…makes them look fancy shmancy 🙂

  2. Do quick rounds, one per casting. Best two versions go to the next stage. Winner gets decided after a few iterations.

  3. It would be awesome to own that big acrylic display that traveled around with HW on their 50th anniversary tour. Only thing that sucked about that display was the TV screen in the middle that covered some of the cars.

  4. There are some damn good selections there! .. yummy & delicious, if you will🍦
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with your open spot dilemma. How about simply implementing the pole you used when deciding your award selections… but I love the anticipation of waiting to see what you have up your sleeve John 🙈🙉🙊

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