Here they are! Your 2018 Lamley Award Winners!

There is one strong theme that came out of the Lamley Award polling in 2018:

It was a really good year.

The Lamley Awards certainly don’t speak for all of the 1/64 world. They speak for this little corner we’ve formed. HW Super Treasure Hunts and Premium lines, plus new models from both Mattel brands tend to dominate what you want to see from me, and what I like to cover.

So the Lamley Awards are being rolled out in two parts. The first is the 2018 Award Winners in the most popular categories in the Lamley World: Hot Wheels Supers, New Models, and Premium New Models, plus Matchbox New Models.

I give you the Top 3, plus my choice in each category.

Later today I will unveil the winner of the two categories that had nominees: Hot Wheels Model of the Year and Lamley 1/64 Model of the Year.

For now, get you tuxedo or gown on, tell us who you’re wearing, and watch as the winners are unveiled:

The results:

7 Replies to “Here they are! Your 2018 Lamley Award Winners!”

  1. Good to see the 787 in there! That was a great casting. I really would be thrilled to see a “Renown” livery! Or get the Tomica one. Still, very nice to Hotwheels doing some legit race cars. I like goofy funny cartoon cars as much as the next guy but still love the more accurate models the best.

  2. I know I’m not supposed to look at the negatives but what I am finding absolutely surprising and sadly shocking is that the C210 is last in the best premium new models poll. How the hell did that happen???

    Other than that I don’t see any surprises. Most of everything is how I expected it to be.

    1. The Skyline C210 was highly overshadowed in favor of the Laurel 2000 SGX. Not to mention it’s a very obscure car.

  3. The Jeep Wrangler fans wanted a stock looking JKU. Tomica is the only company to produce a 1/64 Jeep JK Unlimited four door…..

  4. Jeep fans were disappointed with the JKU because it wasn’t more stock looking, Tomica is the only company to make the four door Unlimited in the stock format….. Fans can always customize their own versions

  5. Dont understand the popularity of the audi avant, to win best super and best mainline? weird. makes no sense. the only thing that i hope comes from this is for hotwheels to realize the car without side graphics and headlights and tailights is what is popular.

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