The final Lamley Awards Poll of 2018: What is the 1/64 Scale Model of the Year?

A heavyweight Royal Rumble of Diecast. Time to choose the 2018 1/64 Model of the Year.

Obviously this is the LAMLEY AWARDS Model of the Year. I say that because the nominees all come from brands I typically cover, some obviously more than others. I scoured through the Lamley Blog, YouTube Channel, and social media feeds to come up with the models that I thought garnered the most attention. 14 models stood out.

I am sure I will have some regrets in choosing these nominees. There are some that probably should be here. And if in your view there are some glaring omissions, let me know in the comments.

For now, here you go. The 14 nominees for 2018 Lamley Model of the Year. Watch the video and vote below:

14 Replies to “The final Lamley Awards Poll of 2018: What is the 1/64 Scale Model of the Year?”

  1. Best 1/64th models I have ever seen are by a brand you have not yet covered.

    Their models are even more finely detailed and exact than Tomica Limited Vintage models are. And that’s really saying something.

    I’m not telling the brand, because they sell out quickly enough as it is!

    All have been JDM subject matter so far.

    Good luck… 😉


  2. Wow, you really like that Ignition model, huh?

    Anyway, I picked Tarmac Works, the ultimate rising star this year, filling a much-wanted niche with absolutely, beautifully accurate models. While I kinda think the fact that you picked a Hello Kitty livery guarantees few will choose it, no one should pass up on TW. They’re on a roll, and it would be encouraging for them if they snag the top spot.

    Criminal of you to miss out on MiniGT, though. I better see one from that brand next year. Which…eh…will lose to a TLVN Ferrari so…

  3. All of these are great but the one that stood out for me was the Pandem GT-R. Not because it was beautifully made, which it was, but because models like these don’t get made that often. With the majority of the brands these days focusing on muscle cars, classic JDMs and race cars, seeing the Pandem was a nice sight. I don’t even like widebody kits that much but when I saw the GT-R I wanted it more than anything else. Hence it gets my vote.

    1. I don’t get all the love for the Pandem other than the preception that they are so cool because so few are made. They are not better than any of the Tarmac, Mini GT, Inno64 out there and don’t compare to the more expensive Tomica Vintage or my favorite detailed car; Bugzee64.

      1. Have you seen them side by side and held them in your hands? I have all the brands you mentioned and the others don’t even come close to the level of precision and minute detail of IG Model. Just compare the headlights and exhaust pipes between them and you’ll see what I mean. And Mini GT, come on now, I love them, but there’s a reason why they’re half the price of higher-end brands. They’re just not as detailed.

  4. Tarmac works !! Pretty much any car but luv the whole package you get with this company .
    And does the rwb porsche make the list was released today ?

  5. GTR is definitely great.
    But I had to go with the Hot Wheels Audi RS6 because it looks just as great as all of the other cars, yet it’s still a $1 car.

  6. It’s probably not fair of me to vote in this poll since I do not, and probably will never, have the majority of these models or ever see them in person….but I just had to vote for the Auto World Buick Estate Wagon. I do have 3 of the 4 released so far, and I couldn’t resist voting for it because of the sheer audacity of the model…that generation of Estate Wagon was the largest production station wagon ever made, and the fact that a diecast maker tackled that casting ** in ACTUAL 1:64 scale ** is just amazing. It’s a behemoth, and a finely detailed specimen at its price-point. I’m hoping they tackle a second-generation Olds Vista Cruiser with the bubble rear sunroof next…

  7. The gold Nationals Gasser got my vote. Love that paint. You can just get lost in it!

    I like the more realistic/detailed 1/64 ok but there is just something about a Hot Wheels that brings out one’s imagination! In addition to TLV and others, Oversteer (not included in the poll) makes a good product but they are way to focused on JDM for my taste.

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