Showcase: Hot Wheels 2019 D Case Highlights

The holidays means the product keeps on coming.  It seems the last three Hot Wheels Mixes have dropped right on top of each other.  I have some unboxings coming up, but since Wheel Collectors got the D Case, and several of you have found D Case models in store, I thought I would show some highlights.

This isn’t everything.  The Momo 510 wasn’t pulled from the case I picked highlights from.  That’ll be featured another time.  In the meantime, D Case highlights, including one of the best non-licensed castings I have seen in awhile.


Hot Wheels 2019 Mix D at Wheel Collectors

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  1. Muscle Bound is goofy with that paint scheme but I think think there is some major potential as a drilled out custom. I mayhave to do that. Maybe a dark scheme and add some white letter tires. Could be a fun project!

  2. Great choice of highlights! My choices are the same with the exception of the Jeep. Sorry, just not a Jeep guy. But I’m not a non-licensed or Mopar guy either and both the Muscle Bound and Charger 500 have got me intrigued. Not only is the design of the Muscle Bound not too far removed from what you’d expect of a real muscle car, but that WWII bomber themed deco is really eye catching!

    After watching your video, I had to look up SpeedKore. Turns out it’s a Wisconsin performance shop and this Charger 500 looks like it could be based on their 1,650 hp 2015 SEMA ’70 Charger Tantrum.

    I appreciate the clean look of the C7 Z06, but less so the decos of the Honda City, Caddy ATS-V R and Mercedes-AMG GT3. All 3 of which looked better at their debut appearances. Is it just me or is the yellow paint of the Mercedes looking a bit thin? But, I’m a fan of all 3 castings, so I picked them up regardless.

    I was excited for the Porsche Panamera until I saw it. The burgundy paint just makes no sense to me as a police (polizei) car. Shouldn’t this be white? Or perhaps silver to further distinguish it from last year’s model? The 918 Spyder however is a different story. This thing is freakin’ beautiful! Love the Weissach Package paint scheme! Perhaps in the early running for basic model of the year?

  3. Has it been a slow rollout for 2019 or a rapid one? Because new cases/releases have been so spotty and so tough to find at retail, it feels slow. But here we are on case D in the course of 1 month. I’ve only spotted case D once to date mind you, but it’s been (partially) found nonetheless. With the holiday shopping frenzy snatching up the majority of licensed models as they hit the pegs, it feels like I’ve missed a lot so far. Yet surprisingly I’ve seen the cars I want at least once, with the exception of the R32 Skyline and Fifteen52 VW T2. Hopefully as we enter the new year we’ll settle into a more regular flow of product to stores.

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