Hunting Supers while being trash-talked by a potty-mouthed Snowman.

Yeah, that title is accurate.  A friend called to tell me he was ready to go through a fresh shipper at a nearby Smith’s (Utah’s Kroger store), so I came by.  

We did pretty well, but this darn snowman wanted all the attention, and he couldn’t stop talking about one scatalogical topic.  Enjoy.

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  1. Yes! Congrats on finding those Kmart exclusive Civics!

    I rummaged through a similar shipper at Fred Meyer (Oregon’s Kroger). I’ve yet to find the blue Civic, but I did find my first Kmart exclusive FD Mazda RX-7 in red as well as my first 50th Ann. Nissan Bluebird wagon. It was a mishmash of all different waves, but lots and lots of good stuff from throughout 2018 in there.

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