Two new Matchbox Jurassic World models for 2019, by David Tilley

My colleague David Tilley is back to break down two surprising Matchbox Jurassic World finds in the UK:

Well this was unexpected.  A nice little surprise if you ask me.  Just as we thought Jurassic World was done, Matchbox have gone and thrown some more items out.

Jurassic 2019 (1)

A new design and a new run of models.  These are dated L39, which fits into the timeline of 2019 issues, so I am guessing this is a 2019 series of models.  These 2 are part of the first 6 found, which also include the Ford Explorer 05, ’15 Triumph Scrambler, Gyrosphere and cream Textron Tiger which were all seen previously in various 2018 sets and appear so far to be identical.

Jurassic 2019 (2)

The rear of the package has each model numbered at the top, wth the Jeep being 16/24 and Mercedes Benz 17/24.  So it looks like there will be 24 models to look for in total here as the year progresses.  I would think a number will be repeats, but I think we will still see some more new castings or variations in upcoming batches too.

So I think it is time to let those models loose.

Jurassic 2019 (3)

These are the 2 newbies.  At quick glance you may think they are ones we have seen before, but no they are new.

Jurassic 2019 (4)

When viewing from the rear, the Mercedes Benz becomes more apparant.  So let’s start with that one.

Jurassic 2019 (5)

Let’s pull out the original release from the Jurassic World Legacy Collection singles.  The design scheme is similar, but as you may see, it is a different casting.  Daft fact, Mercedes was not due to release the ML class of vehicle until 1997, but filming took place in 1996.  They donated 6 pre-production models, 2 identical of 3 looks.  We had Montana, which was the style Matchbox released in 2018 as part of the Legacy Collection (and in the film survived), as well as Fontana which sported a bubble roof and hooks on the sides for people to sit on, and was pushed over a cliff by a T-Rex off screen, as well as Santana which had the open rear and is the new one modelled by Matchbox, again pushed over the cliff by a T-Rex, although this time on screen while pushing the Fleetwood RV over too.  The Fontana was actually made by Matchbox back in 1997 as a tie in with the movie at the time. So in the recent issues, Matchbox have made the Montana and Santana variants.  So what differences are there?

Jurassic 2019 (6)

Obviously the most notable difference between Montana and Santana is the rear quarter, as Montana was a sealed vehicle sporting a bubble roor and spare wheel, as well as a ridged window piece.  Santana has an open rear, and regular windows as well as no bubbled area to the roof, and additional roof lights.

Jurassic 2019 (7)

At the front you do see the lack of hood (or bonnet) items on Santana, and you may notice that the rear view mirrors are regular, not enhanced like on Montana.

Jurassic 2019 (8)

From the rear you do see the body sections are identical, with the lack of roof items and open rear being the only difference.

Jurassic 2019 (9)

Looking a bit more from above, you may just about notice that Montana has 2 rows of seats whereas Santana has just a single row, and a cargo area from there back.  So it does sport a different interior.

Jurassic 2019 (10)

I mention that because the base is actually identical.  This is why the front and rear at the base were identical too, with the same grappling hook at the front.  The only change being that the new addition is now marked up as MB1119, whereas the old one was MB1125.  Funnily the package states that the new one is a Mercedes Benz ML320 AAV, although AAV does not appear on the base.  AAV was Mercedes talk for All Activity Vehicle.

Jurassic 2019 (11)

So this was a nice surprise seeing a new Mercedes.  The MB1119 goes well with the trio of MB1125s I currently have.

But there is the Jeep too.  At first glance you think it was the same?

Jurassic 2019 (12)

Nope.  Jeep 12 never came with mud while it was in the Jurassic World Legacy Collection.

Jurassic 2019 (13)

Jeep 29 was the muddy one, and was released in the regular Jurassic World series in 2018.

Jurassic 2019 (14)

The eagle eyed may notice that the mud effect between Jeep 12 and Jeep 29 is actually mirrrored.

Jurassic 2019 (15)

So we now have a Jeep 12 both clean and dirty.  Could this mean a dirty Jeep 18 is on the cards?  Or a clean Jeep 29?  Or even Jeep 10?  Where is Jeep 10.  It was the Jeep without the canopy.  Sorry, sidetracking there.

Jurassic 2019 (16)

Of course with the hard to find short run “error” Jeep 12, we now do unofficially have 3 of them, as some of the early Jeep 12 ones were mistakenly printed on Jeep 18 “roll cage” bodies.

Jurassic 2019 (17)

This is a great little casting, now up to 6 issues (half with canopy, half with roll cage).

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  1. The supreme irony of course for UK collectors is that David found these at a discount chain called Home Bargains and not the official Matchbox retailer ASDA. Not only are these brand new JW stuff newer than the Mainline singles showing up at ASDA but they are also over ONE THIRD cheaper than the older JW equivalents sold there.
    With them recently selling Majorette Premium singles for just 99p each and MBX Power Grabs this time last year, Mattel really need to seriously think about using Home Bargains as a full time seller of Matchbox too. Relying on one supermarket chain clearly isn’t working!!
    Nice finds btw, my local HB has pegs full of recent JW stuff such as the G 63 AMG 6X6 but in the usual packaging. I’ve not seen these castings yet!

    1. These are the batch I found a couple of weeks ago of which I put the message out. As pictures of the back of packaging. The square in top right hand corner , these are for the Russian market. MokBa ,Moscow address. It seems Craig you have a different batch at your HB. I want your batch!! I don’t fancy a tour of Britain to find… ! Home bargains are very random to say the least. These are a result of a cancelled order or a mid guided shipping container. 99p!!! Says it all !! We are being ripped off from all angles.. Home bargains more please! Power grabs and more mis guided mbx ! They sell cheap……. And quick sales , they have it correct on all products! Something to take note of…

    2. Everywhere has now stopped stocking any MB Craig in the UK so the ordinary person cannot now collect MB.
      Someone like DT being single can collect them from the USA and pay silly shipping costs and
      again not displaying them just packs them away unlike the normal collector who displays them.
      Trying to get any info as to who will if ever stock MB from the UK Head Office is like trying to
      get blood out of a stone you just get stuck with some female who won’t forward you onto any
      person remotely capable of helping you.
      A person I know who is one of the UK’s top personnel regarding anything MB to consider not
      collecting them anymore shows how serious it has got here in the UK.

      1. It is very sad and frustrating that this brand had been made to downfall as it has here in the UK. I like yourself have contacted Mattel and fell to deaf ears. I hear rumours of Tesco in April. But?!?!……… However I like yourself and many good loyal folk in the UK …Its frustrating to say the least!…. It is also sad that a major corporation as Mattel does not want to give information on its own products and movements to which matchbox maybe..?…. Maybe?… placed. Or as whole for the products in question. What is coming out now?…. This is something they don’t advertise their selves. They have no pride on this product. Mattel are soon quick enough to play on OUR…HISTORY.. for this brand to everyone else. Even on Mattels website. Barbie …Ken…and the other lover!….. Matchbox is NOT mentioned!…. Say no more… Why has this brand been treated as tho its a headship. A yo yo for years…. We’ll see..?!!!….. Or not…?!!! Then again 3/4 are never for us , of what is produced….

  2. Here in the US, these are far easier to find than mainline models, several cases of which never came to my region at all, and each case of which is half-full of generic models that crowd newer deliveries off the pegs for years.

    I’m excited to see new models that I’ll be able to buy.

  3. This is cool. Can’t wait to find these two. And yeah…..they’re very easy to find here in the US both at Walmart and Target. Tons of them on the pegs. I feel bad for you guys in the UK…..but hey….y’all get stuff that we don’t get.

  4. The Jeep is just more of the same to me..I grabbed one example of each of the two main color themes and that was enough for me.

    But that Mercedes is rad!! I’m already a fan of the older one, but the new one with open rear is actually a really cool look. It looks great without the ridged windows and smoother, less busy bodywork. I know this is probably destined to remain JW-only, but I think it would look fantastic in the mainline with a simpler deco, as a kind of custom off-road oriented vehicle. I could see it in a gloss black or gloss white with black wheels.

  5. Shame Home bargains is just random in what they stock. Some random shipments which have gone wrong or old T.R.U fastlane stock. Powergrabs one day…. Mbx with Indian stickers on the back.. Home bargains bring more mbx stuff in!!! Same for poundland!! 99p for the above , just proves UK is getting screwed price wise and no fair competition…… One box per 250,000 scenario. Total bs!… Thank you Mattel ……

  6. Just to write ,is there anything received in the UK of any 2019 stock? My local asda has restocked all new HWs, but no mbx…….just a couple of 5 packs are left…. Why is it every year that it feels “This is it!”… No more mbx. Its not as tho the UK have any main or real information to be given to us…. I just wish this brand could be advertised its self by Mattel for normal collectors and all walks of life……UK seems to be treated as mushrooms….kept in the dark and fed sh#t with mbx. Also playing on our history too….

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