Matchbox starts 2019 fantastically with the Blue Highways 5-pack

Now THIS is a 5-pack!  Maybe the most loaded 5-pack in the last 5-6 years from the orange brand.  Not a weak one in the bunch.  Better yet, some of the best.  The SLR McLaren, for example, has never looked better.

Matchbox has released the first two packs of 2019, Blue Highways and MBX Construction, and I felt both were worth buying.  I already mentioned why I snagged the first, but Construction had the Stepside, and that is ALWAYS a no-brainer.  So two videos for you today.  Enjoy.

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  1. I managed to find the Blue Highways 5 pack a couple days ago at Walmart. They had three of them actually. I haven’t bought a 5 pack in like over a year in general. The last Matchbox 5 pack I purchased was probably six years ago when they released that last signature exotic cars 5 pack that also happened to have a purple Holden Ute SSV. But this new one is a beauty. All clean and simple decos with front and rear detailing and good wheel choices. My favorite is actually the yellow Camaro Convertible. Love that color. And you’re right about the SLR McLaren, it’s never looked better.

  2. Point, set, match. Please look at the picture with the “blue highways” 5 pack carefully.
    I LLLLLLove the 2017 singles line up right next to it. Blue meter maid, yellow 2006 fire engine, green hail cat. BRAVO!!!! That is what everybody has been and is bitching about. On the cusp of 2019 and we can indulge in the 2017 line! Wahooo!!! Everybody pat yourself on the back-Mattel. One thing I learned in business- it is one thing to have a great product but if you can’t get it to your target audience (for whatever reason) it ain’t worth SH*T.

  3. Im pretty sure there’s more to come in 2019, and the other 5-packs will be more interesting than this, as of now, back to waiting for something more exciting…

  4. so is the 5 pack with the blue jaguar a sapphire car ?…it has the color and tampo i hope so because then i can say i found one of them…;-)

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