The Japan Booster Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Holiday Sale starts Friday at 5pm PST, and it is better than ever.

It has become a Lamley tradition.  I know because a ton of you have asked me about it:

“Is Japan Booster doing the TLV Damaged Box Sale this year?”

First off, yes they are.  Second, if you haven’t heard of this sale, you really want to pay attention.  Let’s start with putting the links right here:

TLV Damaged Box Sale Items at Japan Booster

Hard-to-find TLV Auctions at Japan Booster

Japan Booster eBay Store

Here are all the key points for the sale.  The details are below:

  • The TLV Damaged Box Sale starts at 5pm PST Friday
  • Hard-to-find TLV Auctions start at 6pm PST Friday
  • The entire store is on sale at 3%-20% off starting at 5pm PST
  • Worldwide SHIPPING is FREE on all orders over $50

The Holiday/Damaged Box Sale is the ONLY sale Japan Booster does each year, and it starts this Friday at 5pm PST.  That means Tomica Limited Vintage, Kyosho, Tomica/Tomica Premium and everything else in the store is on sale at 3%-20% off.  That in and of itself is significant.

But it is the Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Sale that you REALLY need to pay attention to.  Whenever Japan Booster gets a new shipment of Tomica Limited Vintage in, they put any boxes that are damaged in even the slightest way aside.  The models are still mint.  For so many buyers, especially in Japan, box condition is just as important as model condition, so Japan Booster separates them.  And once a year, they put those damaged box models on sale, for 30%-50% off the standard price.

It can’t be emphasized what a good deal this is, for the best 1/64 diecast models there are.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask anyone who has been lucky enough to snag any of these.

And that is the point.  They go INCREDIBLY fast.  The listings will hit at 5pm Pacific, and be gone soon after, you MUST be ready.  And I will help.  The links are here so keep this page open, and I will post them again the second they go live on Friday.  Just be ready.  Following these links will be the quickest way to find the listings:

TLV Damaged Box Sale Items at Japan Booster

And there is even more.  Japan Booster is also putting some of its inventory of hard-to-find TLV up for 3-day auctions, starting one hour later at 6pm PST.  Even more auctions will start throughout the weekend to keep the link below open as well.  Here are some of the models that will be available:

Hard-to-find TLV Auctions at Japan Booster

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