An underrated nerd joy: Seeing the Hot Wheels multipack exclusives as they are slowly unveiled

Holiday madness is upon us.  Black Friday looms just beyond the horizon, getting ready to rear its ugly head.  It means a lot to collectors too.

Some thinks it is an abundance of Supers, just lying there for the taking.  I still haven’t seen that.  But there are other things.  Huge online sales, like Wheel Collectors’ big holiday sale and the Japan Booster TLV Damaged Box Sale (more on those later today), and new product.

Some new product gets released in a bit of a subtle way.  The multipacks sell big during the holidays, so Hot Wheels is rolling a ton out.  And considering the timing, it means new models.  Nothing announced, just new exclusives.  And I am not talking about the exclusive models up in the corner of the 9-packs.  I am talking about the models that show up in 9-packs and 3-packs, mixed with basic models.  It is such a hodge podge, and it is fun to try and figure out what is exclusive.

The Lamley RCR (Resident California Reporter) – @hw_jay – came across some new 9-packs last night, and shared some pics.  And there is some new stuff to pursue:

Have a look.  Yes, there is a Corvette wheel error, but let’s focus on the new stuff.  The exclusives I am referring to are the models that are new colors of older decos, either from mainlines of year’s past or previous multipack exclusives.  Looking at it that way, these are most likely new exclusives and not upcoming mainlines:

The Porsche is a recolor of the orange multipack version, the Acura a third color of the mainline that was yellow and black a couple of years ago, the Lambo Gallardo maybe a recolor of the black and white First Editions from 7-8 years ago, and the Hudson a mainline recolor from the Super in 2016.  The Corvette Convertible I am pretty sure about, but that could be a mainline.  We will see.

There are others, but those are the models that interest me, or at least keep track of.  The only other model is the Greddy Maverick.  I would guess that is an upcoming mainline.

Nonetheless, there are few I will pursue.  It is always fun to figure it out.

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  1. Spotted those at both Smyths and argos here in the UK earlier today…there was also a yellow Nissan Fairlady Z…

  2. Holidays, you mean Christmas so say Christmas. Hotch Potch not Hodge Podge. Some nice cars in there and like Conan I bought a few In Smyths over the weekend but really want the blue Porsche Cayman when it comes out.

    1. Last time I checked, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are also holidays, so it is indeed holidays and not just Christmas, and here in America, we say “hodge podge” not “hotch potch”, so slow your roll a bit there, buddy. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

  3. member MusicVox keeps an ongoing list of multi pack cars titled “multi-pack only cars cheat sheet.” He also updates a picture guide of all the multi pack cars once they are found. The Hot Wheels Newsletter site also keeps a yearly updated list of both the multi pack exclusives and 9-pack exclusive colors.

  4. I picked up one of these new 9-packs the other day, it was a real winner. Only one non-licensed car in the bunch, and a whole lot of cool stuff. My favorite (which I didn’t see in any of the above pictures) was a gloss black Porsche 918 with a deco that I believe is replicating one of the real-life “Weissach Package” cars. I’m sure that one will be a mainline too, but it was cool to grab it anyway. The holidays (heh) are a good time to be a diecast collector.

      1. I’m not on any social media, so I don’t have a pic, and I can’t find a SINGLE picture of it on Google as of yet, but it’s the new casting, riding on chrome 10-spokes. It’s the exact same livery as this:

        But with the number 4 instead of 25. It is GORGEOUS.

  5. I’m hugely excited for the Lambo!! I love that casting (and the real car). This appears to be a recolour of the 2016 multipack exclusive orange which itself was a recolour of, strangely enough, the Speed Machines green version from 2010 and also Holiday Hotrods from the year later. I wish this had 10 spoke or PR5s instead of Trap 5 wheels but I’ll live with that as they don’t look that bad. I love how the overall look is so similar to the Fast and Furious version coming out right now. Its Iike Hot Wheels is giving a consolation prize to those who cannot get the FnF one.

    Moving on to the other models, I like the Corvette and NSX. Would’ve liked the Porsche too if the spoiler wasn’t metal. Nonetheless I’ll buy them all, eventually.

    1. Okay my bad, the Gallardo is indeed a recolour of the first editions (it lacks the black side skirts of the speed machines).

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