Unboxing: Matchbox 2018 M Case, the final of the year.

Final, sort of.  The actual last case of the year is R, the fourth Sapphire case (Unboxing coming up).  But as far as the mainline goes, this is it.

The opening parts models are now considered 2019 releases, and they are coming very soon, so let’s put a bow on 2018.  And what a bow it is.  This case is loaded with new castings, four licensed to be exact.  Plus a lot of other goodies.  Have a look:

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  1. There are some great castings in this mix, but boy do those classic cars need the VUM chrome treatment. It’s such a shame that Matchbox doesn’t seem to use it on the mainline releases anymore.

  2. Wow, cool mix hope it shows up in the UK soon…tinforcer deco as you say looks very similar to the late ’70s Police Launch…

  3. Yet another confirmation, “Good things come to thoes who wait” Austin, Jaguar and lovely Ranchero are the shiny stars in this case as well as in general 2018.

  4. I’d say the last 4 or 5 cases have not made it to the Denver CO area. And I go to a variety Wal Marts all the time. I have not had issues in the past but the last 2 years we got didly sh… here. #sadface.

  5. Case of the year! That Holden is proving very popular – I haven’t found it yet. We still have one new 2018 model to come. Man TGS Dump Truck has not been released yet (#31 MB1073).

  6. I finally found new Matchbox today at Walmart! This batch to be specific! I haven’t scored anything Matchbox basics in like three or four months! I found nine new cars in total (Jag, Austin, Holden, Ranchero, RS6, Junior, Leaf, Panamera, and even the eStar) Only one of each casting there! My favorite is crossed between the Austin Healey and Audi RS6. Looks like they’re finally getting delivered to stores again for now until the next major drought phase.

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